Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Flat Stanley and Bad Lewis

Lots of our friends have really neat "visitors" to their campsites.    Bears, Sandhill cranes, deer, even fellow bloggers.    Here in Cortez, we have Flat Stanley.   Thats what we call the small frog that turns up in various places around our site.

I think he's dead but when we're not looking he moves to another spot just to prove he's not.

Today we indulged ourselves in a caloric breakfast/lunch across the street at the Cortez Cafe.  I love their waffles and only allow myself the pleasure once in awhile.   After filling our faces we went back to the Garden store to get one more spot of color for Beluga's outdoor space.   It was sunny and clear as when we entered the garden center, but just as I was deciding between two pots of flowers outside,  the sky opened and the ensuing rain thundered down on the metal roof above us.   I used the rain imposed inside time to wander around their greenhouses taking pictures of the interesting flowers and foliage.

we thought of you Hans and Lisa!

The rain pulled away as quickly as it came.   We were soon back outdoors and made our selection from the imaginatively designed pots.

Bad Lewis

Tonight, as Dave was grilling our steak, a neighbor was out walking his dog behind Beluga.  He said, quite loudly, "thats a bad dog"...meaning Lewis.   Dave asked what he meant and he said that it wasn't right that Lewis should bark and run at our fence when his dog walks by, that he was a "bad dog".   Dave tried to explain that Lew was a harmless chicken man, but the guy would have none of it.  Sheesh, now we have neighbor troubles.    Get me to the desert and away from all these peoples!       In the morning we'll try to reconfigure our fencing to give the worried little guy (the neighbor, not Lewis) a bit more room and see if that helps.    I hate things like this.

Sleeping Beauty
I wonder what how he'd react if he ever met our vicious man eater Sasha face to face!



  1. I was loving the pictures of the beautiful garden shop and then cracked up when I saw the tiki pots and laughed even more when I saw your caption! Cute!

    That photo of Sasha is classic!

  2. I think a pile of dog poop at the foot of his stairs is an appropriate answer....

  3. Love those flowers at the Garden Center, especially the Hans and Lisa. We'll have to get ourselves some of those!!!

    Poor Lewis:( I'd say Sasha is pretty comfortable...a real cutie:)

  4. Now I am lusting after some new bursts of color too. Gardening and my flowers are what I miss the most about our Oregon home.

    Mean neighbor--I wonder if he is the same one who chastised us when Rico was barking. People can be so uptight.

    Sleeping Beauty is a classic photo.

  5. Oh Lewis you vicious dog you. Definitely time to get back out in the desert!

  6. That is a cute frog!Hans and Lisa are cute too.
    How dare that neighbor calling Lewis names…tsk tsk..