Tuesday, March 18, 2014

all clear

its all blue skies now

The rain slowed but the wind continued through the night.   It rocked big Beluga like she was a cradle.     Unfortunately we didn't sleep like babies in that cradle.   The strong steady wind coupled with the tremendous random gusts kept us from falling into a deep and restful sleep.   So.....we overslept this morning.    By overslept I just mean that we slept much longer than we normally do.  No alarms involved.  

Pam and Vic invited us over for second cup at their site, a treat of Vic's favorite yummy, spicy hot Chai tea.  (is all Chai tea hot?   Is there iced Chai tea? Is the proper term "Chai tea" or is it just "Chai"...... I don't really know but I know it was good!)   It was even good with a tiny "addition".

Rico wonders - when can I come out???

its just good manners to keep guest's feet warm, right?

Jetta was attentive to our needs

Rico - superstar


  1. It was nice to have the wind move on after a few days blowing us around. Biking in the wind isn't fun but it sure works the legs.

    You got some great pictures of Rico and Jetta:)

  2. Don't need no stinkin' alarms in retirement!

  3. What a nice way to start the day!

  4. We did not get the wind just lightning and thunderstorms.I also met Rico and Jetta briefly at Big Pine Key.