Wednesday, March 26, 2014

an unexpected day

Alarm!   The jarring sound of the alarm clock woke us up this morning for Dave's weekly golf game. Not for me,  I invited Lewis up and we snuggled in the nice warm bed while Dave got ready to go.   He and John loaded the clubs and drove off  through the campground before they both realized that neither one wanted to play outside in the cold and windy morning - they turned back.

Turns out that decision allowed us to have an unexpectedly nice day.  Not that it wouldn't have been nice if the boys had been able to golf.   They would have enjoyed themselves, and I would have gotten some laundry done so the day would have been good.     BUT, around 9:30 our dear friend Richard called and asked if we could meet them for a cup and a bun......

Richard and Ruth are old friends from Doncaster, UK and they're here for the week to attend their son's wedding.    We quickly got ready and in a flash our day changed.   We picked them up at the Longboat Key Club and set off to find a mid morning snack.   We don't get to see them often and it was so so nice to sit at Le Macaron, share cups and raisin buns and catch up.

The day began to rebound and the sun warmed us a bit as we walked the entire St. Armand's circle.  Ruth and I ducked into Chico's to do a little looking and trying while Dave and Richard sat outside and kept up their conversation.

We didn't buy TOO much and they enjoyed the warm sun and long needed conversation.   Ruth and I keep up with regular emails, but they need to have a more personal form of communication.
It was good to see.

Not wanting to go home yet, we drove along Lido Key to check out Saturday's wedding site.  The wind was still cold, but the green Gulf waters welcomed them back.  

Dave and Richard kept up their conversation as we walked through the dunes to the beach.   We all remarked that it was amazing that none of us had ever been to this beach in all the years we've been coming to the area.  I guess we get stuck in our ways.

We dropped them back off at their suite at the Key Club near 2 p.m.and then decided to do a bit more shopping - for Dave this time.    First we stopped at Libby's for lunch, then got down to business.    Mission accomplished and we were back at Beluga by 6.  

When that alarm woke us this morning we thought we knew how today would play out.   How fun to be able to make last minute plans and find such unexpected pleasures along the way.
This retirement thing is pretty nice!


  1. Dave is getting so tanned he's looking like a local :)

    Nina and Paul

  2. I do believe the guys made a wise decision. When it takes a long time to decide what to wear to stay warm, golf isn't going to be fun.

    We went in the same direction as you did!! We must have just missed each other. We were wandering around St. Armand's Circle, also! I needed to some shopping for my return north. So seven bottles of balsamic vinegar (for me, my mother, and Jessica), spices for the three of us, and nuts for Kevin we had accomplished our mission and our arms were full. Next stop was TJ's!! Luckily, it warmed enough for us to get a bike ride in when we got home to our favorite place:)

    Glad you had a nice long time to visit with your friends:)

  3. Amen! This retirement thing is awesome!

  4. Its chilly here too!
    I can relate, retirement is pretty cool.

  5. What a nice surprise! I love a day that turns out to be different than expected....always a bonus when it goes in the positive direction! Nice to see such a good picture of Richard and Ruth after hearing about them for so many years!