Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Wet dog

Yesterday (Monday) JoAnn invited us to spend the afternoon at her pool and then dinner.   We could bring the dogs - YEA!

We stopped at Fresh Market for some yummy desert to contribute to her dinner and arrived around 2.    On the way, we discovered we had a hitchhiker on the jeep's hood.

I wanted Dave to pull over and stop so the little guy wouldn't fly off and get squashed by following cars, but before he could, the "geico gecko" scrambled into the windshield wiper channel where he stayed for the entire trip.

 Sasha loves to go IN new places.   As soon as she went into JoAnn's house, she disappeared.  We could hear her nails clicking on the tile floors, but didn't really know where she was.    She checks out every room, every corner of every room slowly and methodically.  Up the stairs, looking in bathtubs and behind doors.   She just loves to explore new places.  

Lewis just bounced and smiled at JoAnn, happy to see a friend.  Outside, Sasha continued her investigation of the grounds, through the landscaping, down to the dock, around the sides of the house.

looking for Sasha

  I went right into the pool and after a few minutes she decided to try it out.  She's a "panic" swimmer - keeps her head high and splashes mightily all the while.  After a bit of help, she found the side and clambered out.   Thats enough swimming for her!

Lewis' fish floats just out of reach, but he's bravely trying the stairs

Lewis isn't much of a swimmer - he enjoys the water and certainly can swim just fine.   He would rather just play in the shallows of a lake or the ocean.    However, if the toy du jour gets into the pool, he tries every trick at his disposal to get it out.

he can't quite reach it

once again, his fish hits the water

so near, yet so far (bubble bubble bubble)

When he finally submerged completely, with a tiny bit of help from me, I didn't have the camera.

this is where I want to have cocktail hour!

Dave was chilly, so we opted for this sunny spot instead

shadows lengthened and it was time to head home

Thanks for the nice afternoon JoAnn


  1. Another lovely place to hang out! I love your descriptions of the fur kids personalities!

  2. Lewis reminds me of a dalmatian I had years ago when his favorite toy went into the pool. What a perfect place to have happy hour.

  3. A beautiful home and pool. Looks like it's just what some Northerners are looking for about now! Still in single digits tonight. Boy, that pool and Sun look so refreshing. Enjoy it.

  4. It must give you such a sense of security knowing Sasha is on the job! Don't have to worry about pesky poltergeists or little green men lurking in friends' lovely homes! They're such characters :-).

  5. Gee, what a tough afternoon and evening! JoAnn's new place is beautiful. Love the photos of Lewis and the pool! You had a gorgeous ride home.

  6. Kids and parents had a great day at the pool and in the sun. What a tough life you guys are having!
    The house and the little dinette by the pool looks inviting.