Thursday, March 6, 2014

Catch up

Tuesday we hosted cocktail hour here at Beluga.   Fat Tuesday ya know!  Pam and John and Pam and Vic came over for margaritas and munchies.  It was a lovely warm evening and we enjoyed our food and conversation outside under Beluga's awning.

Wednesday morning John and Dave played golf while the Pam's and I drove over to the town of Anna Maria to visit and shop at the Olive Oil Store.   We each bought a few goodies, blackberry balsamic vinegar, various cheeses,  raw honey. local Settler's bread, coffee bbq rub, olive wood and bone salad tongs, etc.    It was a pleasant morning for us all.

After Dave returned home from his golf game and lunch we went to JoAnn's so he could help her "nail down" a few problems she's been having with her Road Trek (RT).   She'll be leaving Florida soon for her long drive back north and they wanted to make sure things were in good working order.

The dogs and I took care of business inside - our laundry.  In between loads I checked on the workers in the driveway and hung around the beautiful pool and dock.    Not bad duty!

This pair of ducks enjoyed themselves in the pool for a long time.  Swimming, drinking and just waddling around the landscaping.   The dogs paid them no mind.....good doggies.

Today we'd planned on running a bunch of errands but heavy rain, wind, thunder (poor Sasha) and tornado watches made us rethink those plans.   Instead we stayed in, payed bills and Dave tried to work his way through our upcoming health insurance changes.   Fun.

Alls well that ends well, however.   The rain stopped and the sky almost cleared by late afternoon.
JoAnn treated us to a lovely dinner at Pattigeorges on Longboat Key.   Not such a bad day after all.  Thanks again JoAnn.


  1. Great summary of the last few days. I especially love the going to Anna Maria with the "Pam's" comment. My best friend in high school was also a "Pam," and we were well known by all our friends as The Pams.

    I think you and the dogs will miss JoAnn quite a bit. I am amazed the ducks did not capture their attention more. Good job on teaching "leave it, " or "don't touch."

  2. I would like to taste the famous Margarita :)
    Love those ducks happily swimming not caring if the black beauty is going to harass them or not.

  3. Lewis looks so beautiful on that bench. That's one to frame.

  4. It was a nice evening and morning with good company:) Wonderful margaritas...yum! Thanks for hosting us and driving over to the island.

  5. Oh my, blackberry balsamic vinegar sounds so yummy!