Saturday, March 1, 2014


Lets go




leave it

wait for traffic
Dave has been taking Lewis on long "obedience" walks lately and it seems to be helping with his confidence.     Getting past scary things and doing what Dave asks at the same time is an all consuming and empowering task for Lewis.  

 He had a bit of a setback the other day though while trying to get past an enormous fire breathing monster (a surveyor at the edge of the ditch) just as two teeth gnashing giant trolls on bikes approached from behind (Pam and John on their bikes).    Dave talked quietly and steadied him, but he almost shook himself to pieces.   When the danger  passed he was beside himself with pride at his accomplishment (or perhaps he was just so thankful that he was still alive).   Who knows what goes on his his sweet little brain.

The daily walks continue and progress is made.

Last night was Friday night - and Friday night is Fish Fry night at home.   We enjoy the tradition and see no reason to stop it now.    On our way to O'Shucks Raw Bar and Grill across the street, we came across these poor folks and asked them to join us.   We enjoyed their company and our fish frys were outstanding.

You're right - its Pam and John!



  1. Our Wrecks....the biggest of the 4 at 70 pounds is a handful! We have also been working hard with him.
    I'm sure in no time Dave 's efforts will pay off and Lewis will be full of confidence and obedience!
    Cute picture of the restaurants sign,

  2. Gee, Sue, we might have to take that camera away!!

  3. Why the sad face John? hungry?
    Im sure Lewis is just happy to be out and about.

  4. Hey, maybe Lewis and Dave should set a about starting his CompanionDog work and entering at the Romulus NY shows in September. Four shows in four days....he could be finished with one RV trip! Sounds like a great plan to me.

    Aaahhh....the numerous skills of Dave Bank! Tell him it will distract him from some of the frustrations/stress of building his home on the lake this summer!

  5. Go Lewis! It's a lot of work to be so handsome AND brave too! (Tessa has a major crush)

  6. I think I will use Dave's approach when I walk with Paul...hahaha

  7. You guys look like you are having too much fun. I'm sure John had a smile on his face after the fish fry. ;)