Thursday, February 27, 2014

Muscle Car City through my eyes

It was a cool, dunkel day so the Banks and the Wrights headed south to Punta Gorda to explore the huge indoor museum that is Muscle Car City.   Dave piqued our interest when he recounted his visit last week.   He gave you his impressions in a previous blog. He was so enthralled by the rows and rows of iron that, after dutifully taking two or three pictures, he totally forgot he was carrying a camera and it remained in his pocket the rest of his day.       So now I'm going to show you what I saw......

first things first......
Pam's healthy lunch at the 60's diner

look closely at this Cadillac's front tire....

39 Lincoln Zephyr

78 Indy Pace Car
I used to drive a car just like this,
well, not exactly.  I wouldn't let Dave put the decals on the door.

32 Chevy Cabriolet


59 El Camino

notice how the tail lights seamlessly integrate into the fenders...

55 Chevy pedal car

two young men walking down Corvette memory lane

gypsy motorhome

Pam contemplates trading the Discovery in on this beauty

1st 1958 Corvette to come down the production line

know what this is?

1930 Stake body pickup

Corvette ZR1

Pam positions her handsome subject next to this ZR 1 for the perfect shot

line up of cherry 55-57 Chevys

Dave and John admire this AC Cobra replica, one of the few Fords in this otherwise all GM collection


  1. Fabulous....what a display.

  2. Sue, you took better pictures of cars than our excited hubbies combined. Glad you had a great time there.

  3. Ooooooh, shiny!! Love the gypsy wagon. Our Ford station wagon had one of the those window "air conditioners" . I vaguely remember it made a really awful sound when a large grasshopper got sucked through it.
    Your pictures are beautiful, thanks for taking us along.

    P.S. At first I thought that meal came with a hospital ID bracelet.....

  4. Great post. Love those classic cars!