Monday, February 3, 2014

Feeling better

Dave is finally feeling human again.   I didn't want him to overdo and tire himself out today so I called Mr. David's Cleaning Service to work on our stainless steel outdoor grill.    After months of use, it needed a good cleaning and polishing.    He had a gap in his schedule so he was able to come right over.

Our Sea B Que looks good as new again.  Mr. David scraped and washed the grates and then used Easy Off on its exterior to bring back the shine.    I highly recommend his work.

Since it has finally gotten nice and warm I wanted to get our Zodiac out and ready to go.  I was about to call Mr. David's Marine, but Dave insisted that he felt good enough to do the job himself.   I had no qualms, he's every bit as competent as Mr. David's Marine Service dudes are.

the little outboard motor is ready to come out of storage

Lewis supervises the assembly and inflation

just add water

Dave is still working the bugs out of the Zodiac's "delivery" system, he's added a little wheeled cart that should make getting it to the water easier, but both tires need air before he can try it out.  

 After cocktails we took a walk along the canal to see if any wood storks or egrets had come to roost for the night.   It was getting dark early it seemed - or perhaps a fog was slipping in.  

No birds yet, so we continued our walk past Pam and John's Discovery.    John was outside so we stopped for a chat and a favor.    Could we please borrow your bicycle pump for our Zodiac's tires?
Pam came out and we sat and talked awhile until the fog became so thick we could barely see each other.     We decided to continue our conversation over dinner across the street at O'Shucks Oyster Bar.
Dave and I walked home for dry clothes and then took our chances crossing the normally busy road in near white out conditions.     Luckily the ever present traffic wasn't present tonight and we all enjoyed a good meal and conversation before calling it a night.   Heavy fog is forecast to last into the morning.    No second cup outside then I guess......

Dave wanders in the fog...
looking for Beluga


  1. That is really some thick fog!

  2. Nice pictures of the fog!

  3. I guess now that we are neighbors for two months I will refrain from commenting on each post. I'll just tell you in person what I think...haha!