Monday, February 10, 2014

Just another day in paradise

Yep, just another day in paradise.   Sunny, warm, lazy day.    Dave finished polishing Beluga's big white body.     Its taken him a couple of days, on and off and she looks beautiful.   Of course, the job was made a bit more difficult by the fact that when we arrived here I directed Dave to park Beluga tight into the palm trees on the driver's side.  I love having the greenery up close in the windows and it gives us much more room on our "living side".  

After the last bit of polishing and lunch we took a nice walk on the beach.  They are still replenishing parts of it on Anna Maria but we find the whole thing interesting to watch.  JoAnn even bought binoculars to observe the proceedings......To keep people from crawling on the huge pipes, the construction crews build sand "bridges" over them at regular intervals.

part of the dredging/pumping system

Dave listens to the sound of shells, sand and water racing through the pipes in front of JoAnn's house

its still a beautiful beach
John and Pam joined us for happy hour and then we all went to the Blue Marlin for a delicious seafood dinner.    A great way to end a great day.

peek a boo, we see you


  1. It definitely was a perfect day with a perfect end!!

  2. Indeed a day in paradise!
    I like the peek a boo snapshot, its cute.

  3. We're back in the desert and I must admit, I'm missing the Gulf....the lure of beach and water. That RV is sparkling :-)