Friday, February 7, 2014

study in grey

After dropping off JoAnn's Roadtrek for its Nokomis service appointment we picked up a rental car in Venice and did a little sightseeing.     She's never spent any time in this area so we drove to the South Jetty in Venice and took a little walk.

JoAnn (in white) strides out ahead of us

Beluga's photographer caught in the act

We drove down Casey Key and showed her the "Newportesque" mansions lining the narrow island and ended up at Casey Key Fish House for lunch.   Fine meal, but not anything special.....

On the way home we stopped at Fresh Market to buy some of their delicious Quinoa salad for diner, but evidently there is a quinoa shortage (who knew) other words, no salad for JoAnn.     I, however, found many bad baby things to buy so Beluga is stocked for a yummy dinner tomorrow night and Dave will have goodies for second cup in the morning.   Oh, and don't feel sorry for JoAnn.   She was foiled in her quest for quinoa, so she soothed herself with a chocolate napoleon.    She takes good care of herself.    We'll take a good long walk  tomorrow but tonight we'll doze in front of  the Olympic opening ceremonies.     We got up to a blaring alarm this morning and its taken its toll on Dave and I, we're not used to early mornings anymore!

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