Thursday, February 6, 2014


Yep, we missed another meet and greet.    Last night the park held a pig roast for everyone.    They had a huge smoker set up with tables and chairs around the pool for cocktail hour and then dinner.   We had every intention of attending the party.  We didn't.  Excuses, excuses, excuses.....It was too chilly, too foggy, too loud, too many people, we were tired, we weren't hungry, we visited with Pam and John too long, we had left overs that needed dealing with, we felt like eating pizza , Modern Family was on TV.   I guess socializing with a big group of people we don't know just isn't a priority for us.  Every Wednesday people get together outside the clubhouse near the pool for a social gathering and happy hour.   Sometimes they have music.  Pam and Vic have attended, we haven't.    Everyone here couldn't be friendlier to us.  They smile and wave and stop to chat.   Its not them, its us......

Our dear friend JoAnn finally arrived, slipping south between the waves of snow and ice.   It took her four days of driving,  but she's finally here.   She rents a big house right on the Gulf near us for February.   I went over for a little visit this afternoon (along with a couple loads of laundry) while Dave did "his thing" here.   His thing is washing and waxing Beluga.    He loves the doing of it, and he loves how the old girl looks when he's done.

JoAnn's Saluki's Wink and Sunny wait at the top of the stairs

the house has small tropical back yard complete with salt water pool and hot tub

wistful Wink

the view from her front door

Later we shared a wonderful dinner at Rick's French Bistro, a very favorite restaurant of ours.   Tomorrow we'll all drive down to RV World in Nokomis to schedule some needed repairs on her Class B RV.


  1. Wistful Wink is beautiful....what a sweet expression.

  2. Our park has a lot of potlucks, based on what street you're on. Half our street are park models, and those people know each other. The other half are RVs and we don't know anyone. People are very friendly here, but we just don't go to these events. I'm with you, pizza and Modern Family sounds better.

  3. Okay, so I admit to being the social butterfly--Vic, not so much. We are going to this park's happy hour tonight. Drinks and appetizers are provided, so that's an added incentive.

    JoAnn's place looks amazing and the Salukis are adorable. Do the dogs get to use the pool too? Sounds like you are off to a good visit with a trip to Rick's already. Enjoy!