Wednesday, February 26, 2014

golf and rain

I got to sleep in, really sleep in today like I did when I spent most of my time at home, before Dave retired.     Dave got up at the sound of the shrill alarm, I didn't.  

Dave and John had an 8 a.m. tee time this morning and all I had to do was grocery shop before lunch.  After Dave left,  Lewis crawled into bed and we enjoyed a nice long snooze.   I had to make breakfast for myself, I'm not used to that anymore.  No one served me my tea......   Yep, I'm spoiled and I love it.

The guys had a good morning on the golf course.    Our afternoon was spent doing bills and taxes.   No fun, but necessary.

MonaLiza warned me that rain was coming.   She and Steve are north of us at a place called Chalkoosawaulakee or something like that.     She said it was pouring and their rain was on its way to us.   So....what do we decide to do?   Walk across the street for take-out shrimp dinners.   Dave says those lines in the clouds mean rain is close,  as he steps outside.   I ask him if he should drive over to pick up our meals instead of walking.     He says no, he'll make it back before the skies open.      MonaLiza warned us.

He didn't.   Shortly after he left, it started to really rain, rain hard.   He took his phone with him, I couldn't believe it!    I called to see if he wanted me to pick him up.   Yes, he did.    I dashed out between the raindrops, got in the car and drove across traffic to the restaurant parking lot.   I waited.
No Dave.    I dashed in to see where he was.    Not in the restaurant.    Hmmmmm.
I called his phone, he was back at Beluga with the food.   Grrrrr.     Evidently he saw a break in the deluge and decided to make a run for it.   He called me to say stay home.    My phone never rang.   Grrrr.     We both were a little wet, but nothing really lost.   We sat together, snug in our little Beluga, and enjoyed our good shrimp dinners.   

Its still pouring, thanks MonaLiza.


  1. I think your rain may be on the way to the Keys. The skies looked a little dark at sunset, but the weather here seems more fickle than on the "mainland."

    I could use one of those "really sleeping in" days tomorrow as I spent the last two days in Miami with my brother who was rushed by ambulance there due to pneumonia and heart arrhythmia. Scary! We went from the sublime (snorkeling in the Dry Tortugas) to a fierce dose of reality. He is out of danger but we may be delayed in our return to HC a couple of days.

  2. We're even supposed to get some rain here in AZ! I'm really looking forward to it since this area really needs it. Somehow I don't think this weather is really needed where you are!

  3. Whoo, so it did go your way! Lets hope for a sunny day tomorrow so we can be outdoors again.
    Don't you hate those dumb phones? I too sometimes don't hear it ring yet we are hanging on to it.