Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Best laid plans

The weather has been spectacular lately.   Warm, sunny, low humidity and as a bonus, the Gulf is warming up nicely.   Just perfect.

     So it was time to get the Zodiac fitted and in the water.  We consider it a "wet boat" so we haven't wanted to launch it and ride around in the chilly Gulf waters til now.      I packed a nice lunch, filled the dry bag with towels, camera, phones, shade umbrella, etc. and Dave set the boat on its new wheels, loaded the little 9 horse Johnson motor in the back of the jeep and we were off to the resort's boat launch.  

  All went well, the zodiac slipped into the water effortlessly, Dave attached the motor easily, we filled it with all the stuff necessary for a day on the water.   It started on the second pull.   YES!        Hmmmmm, something was wrong.   No nice vigorous stream of water coming from the engine's water pump discharge tube while the motor was running.    Those of you familiar with outboard motors will know what I mean.   When the engine is running, a stream of water better be coming out of the side or it will overheat in short order, like having no water in your car's radiator......

Best laid plans.    No boating today.    I'll make a call to Mr. David's A-1 Mobile Johnson Repair Service (no snickering please, I'm very serious...) to see if he has the necessary parts to get us back in the water soon.   I have great faith in him.

We had a lovely day nonetheless.   We took our lunch and beach chairs and went to the beach!    After we baked for a while, we walked across the beach for a refreshing soak in JoAnn's beautiful salt water pool and hot tub.   Today turned out pretty well after all!



  1. Sure did work out well:)

    That pool and hot tub are gorgeous!

  2. Looks like you didn't miss out on anything despite the change in plans! I'm sure Mr. David's boat repair will be quick and thorough!