Thursday, February 20, 2014

Apart all day

Dave and I spent the day apart.....I went into downtown Sarasota with JoAnn to check out a sweet little independent bookstore owned by a friend of hers from the Chautauqua Institution back in western New York.    After drooling amongst the stacks, we went to lunch at Savory Street Cafe, also owned by a fellow Chautauquan (if that's the proper term).


Now, for a departure from my normal prattling,  DAVE will take over the blog!   Take it away Dave......

I left Beluga this morning and headed for an old Rochester friend's house.   We had dinner and went to the symphony with them last weekend.   That evening, Bill asked me if I had ever heard of Muscle Car Ctiy in Punta Gorda (     He told me this guy bought a vacant Walmart store and filled it with a lot of his car collection, added a 60's diner, a speed shop and a gift shop and opened it to the public.    Was I interested in seeing it?    Yes I was!  Great destination for old motorheads like us.  

  I met Bill at his house here in Sarasota and I started my day going for a ride in his vintage 66 corvette convertible.   It brought back happy memories of a beautiful 67 couple I owned back in the day.

Bill beside his 66 corvette "show car"

Bill's car in his very neat garage.....

Suzi helped me insert a picture of the 67 coupe I had when Jesse was a little boy

Wow, I was overwhelmed.   I can't believe this is a single guy's private collection.  One hundred and fifty  GM muscle cars on display with 100 more stored elsewhere.   Mostly Corvettes (from 54 up to the present)  Camaro's,  Chevy 11's, Chevelle's,  full size Chevy's, some Pontiacs, 442's and GTO's.    They were all specialty cars, high performance rides, both restored originals and street rods.  He even had some cars purchased brand new that have never been driven, no miles on the odometer.   It was as good as any classic car show and I can't believe that one guy owns them all!  

any one of these cars is easily worth $100,000
WOW!  That's all I can say, WOW.      

Suzi gave me the camera to take along, but I forgot to take many pictures, I was having too much fun.


  1. That collection of cars is really impressive, even for someone like me who is not a motorhead! My brother had a sweet '64 Corvette convertible that I used to enjoy riding in. It must have been especially fun riding there in his vintage Corvette. Vic says he would like to see Muscle Car City.

  2. A little time apart is good once in a great while. Sounds like you both had a very nice day:)

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  4. Wow, Dave has to share his excitement tomorrow with Steve! And it looks like it is right down the road from us in Punta Gorda.

  5. If you haven't visited the Barnum and Bailey Circus Museum nearby, don't miss it. Plan for the entire day. It's a wonderful experience... You'll love it.

  6. Love me some classic Corvettes! What a neat day trip.