Monday, February 24, 2014


Yesterday we got a lot done while we were waiting.    If you know Dave even a little bit, you'll know he waits all year for the Daytona 500 race.   It signals "spring" to him, it signals another year of racing has begun and he likes that.

The race started on time, 1 p.m. and he was glued to the tv.   I enjoy watching it also, so we had planned to just spend the day watching.      

Unfortunately, terrible weather was on its way through the Daytona, Florida vicinity.  First it started with light rain, progressing to heavy rain.   These race cars roar like lions, seem like tough guys, yet they can't be out in the rain, poor babies.   At the first signs of precipitation the race is stopped and they retreat to the sidelines, covered up and wait for the rain to stop and huge jet dryers to blow the track completely dry.    Then they can go out and play again.

We waited.   Wave after wave of rain moved over the track.   The stands had to be evacuated twice because a severe weather warning was issued.   High metal bleachers are not good places to wait out lightning, strong winds and possible tornadoes.

While we waited, I prepped and cooked boneless country ribs, roasted veggies, and made potato salad for dinner.   I read.

Mr. David's A-1 Johnson Rejuvenation and Repair Service was also waiting for the race to restart so he was able to send over his most trusted man to work on our Johnson.

Luckily the rain delay continued so the repairman, sporting snazzy new glasses, was able to find and fix our outboard motor's problem.    We'll be good to go as soon as we get another warm and sunny day.

He was such an efficient worker that I was able to persuade him to come inside and take care of another needed job, while he was waiting.

if Mr. David can't come himself, he always sends his most versatile workers.

After the jobs were done and the repair van had driven away, Dave and I enjoyed our yummy dinner, while we waited for the race to start.   At Daytona, rain, thunder, lightning, severe weather warnings continued.

Finally, the wait was over.   The skies cleared in northern Florida, the jet dryers finished drying the track, fans refilled the stands and the delicate flowers were able to get back to the job at hand, the crash bang running of the Daytona 500.

Dave watches, Sasha waits
After a day of waiting, I finally gave up and retreated to the bedroom to watch the season finale of Downton Abbey.     I can't believe its over already!    I waited so long for the season to start and now its over.


  1. Glad the race was able to resume for all the fans.

  2. The picture of one of Mr Davids worker reminded me to do my job before we leave tomorrow.

    I just finished one PCromwells book, "Black Notices" a fast paced and easy read.

    Sue, you have a good eye, it was indeed your jeep in one of the palm picture when we were in Venice.