Friday, March 28, 2014


Mr. David's Mobile Grooming Van arrived yesterday, right on time, but only had time to clip Lewis' face.  It will have to do, he tells me he'll come back again when he has some spare time.

Later, we met Richard and Ruth at Pattigeorge's restaurant for a pre-wedding dinner with some people we knew from our Colony Beach and Tennis days.   As usual, dinner was delicious and it was good seeing what everyone is doing.

This morning we were supposed to meet R and R for a cup and a bun in St. Armands but Richard called to say that Ruth was feeling very unwell.   Bad timing for sure.....Nick's wedding is tomorrow and she couldn't get out of bed today.   Finger's crossed for a quick recovery Ruth.

Dave spent the afternoon deflating and stowing the Zodiac in preparation for our departure on Tuesday. (she wipes a tear from the corner of her eye)    He started Beluga and let her run for awhile to make sure everything still worked, and she responded immediately and positively.  He aired up all 6 tires and then took a long walk to the beach and back.    I went grocery shopping.

Don and Carol came by around 3:30 for a tour of Holiday Cove and happy hour outside under the awning.

Since it is Friday, and we're all from the Rochester area, we walked across the street to O'Shucks for our last Friday Night Fish Fry in Cortez (another tear).  It was as good as ever and to top the evening properly, we got ice cream from Tyler's before we walked back across the street to Beluga.

So, tomorrow's Nick's wedding.   We hope neither rain nor sickness will ruin the day.    Finger's crossed!


  1. Please tell Lewis I am sorry I didn't notice his new cut. I should have realized how bright those eyes were.

    Hope the rain stays away for the wedding like it did today!!

  2. Fingers are crossed here too.....hope it's a beautiful day!

  3. Almost time to leave…how time flies :(
    Hope the rain that passed here will bypass your area and the sun will show up.

  4. Every year we get to our winter abode, and feel like we'll be here forever. And then, it's over. I have enjoyed reading about your time in Florida.
    Mr. David does a nice job on Lewis.

  5. Since I am a day late in writing this, I hope all went well with the wedding, and Ruth felt much, much better.

    You two sure have had a wonderful time on your Florida adventure.