Saturday, March 22, 2014

Selby Gardens

Again, way too many pictures of the Selby Gardens, sorry.   John, you probably don't want to read this post, I know how you feel about flower pictures.

 We really enjoyed the peace and quiet of the surroundings and the surprising details everywhere.  I think if you just walked through the various gardens you'd miss a lot.   Its beauty is in its details, obvious and hidden.   Here goes....

on one path, breaks in the mangroves framed beautiful blue pictures

Dave was fascinated
by the different shapes,
textures and colors everywhere

orchids growing in the trees high overhead

even roots were beautiful parts of the landscape

graceful fern just beginning
whimsical white blossom hanging to the ground

the fountain dripped Spanish moss and bromeliads instead of water

this silk floss tree has a wonderful thorny trunk

Dave peers into these odd looking pitcher plants


interesting details all around, high and low

cool, quiet place to reflect


  1. Haha!! Great start to the blog!! Love it!!

    You are correct about the beauty in the details. Not sure which plant, flower, object I enjoyed the most. I would have LOVED this place. Thanks for including so many photos:) You did a great job capturing interesting parts of the plants.

    John just "read" your blog. He is too funny. He said it would have been a good blog if it didn't have all those photos!! He enjoyed seeing Dave:) The beauty in life is passing him by...his lose!!

  2. I love gardens! Your photos are wonderful. Those two large plants that look like giant bonzai are neat, especially the one that looks like a bouganvilla. Makes me miss lush green climate plants!

  3. Oh how I would love to visit this place. Your photos are so beautiful. I love the photos of the roots.

  4. Wow! If not for the fish and the Dave I might have thought you were on a different planet! We would definitely love the uniqueness of this kind of garden.

  5. Beautiful Photos Sue. Can't have too you, I could spend hours and hours there snapping away!

  6. WOW, love gardens and your photos are just as great with interesting details. One downside of too many pictures, its challenging which one to pick! For a moment I thought you were at Edison Ford Estates because of that first picture. If the garden is close by us I could use an alone time and snapped away.