Sunday, March 16, 2014

Random pictures

I carried this cactus garden with me all through the west and it finally decides to bloom in Florida!

This catbird is in love with the jeep's grill. tap tap tap tap tap tap

looks like fun!

This is what I see on the way to the grocery store, not bad....
It is very windy today, some hefty rain storms on their way tonight

legs almighty


  1. Random photos is a great idea for a blog post! Sure hope the wind and forecast storms don't make our sensitive dogs crazy.

    Where did you see the horses crossing the water?

  2. Thunderstorms and Lightning scares the heck out of us today. Its been raining here ALL day too.
    I wished I can bring plants along in our travel, sigh :(

    Horse crossing is my fave random pic.

  3. I really have to get a little cactus garden! Good to see those little blooms.

    Great job capturing that bird with flowers to frame it:)