Sunday, September 27, 2015

BCA, at last!

Today was a lovely, low key day....just what the doctor ordered.   We had a good restful sleep, second cup outside in the morning sunshine and a yummy lunch using up the last of Jesse's homegrown tomatoes.

Sasha got to nestle down in the soft green grass and Lewis got to play ball.  The frazzling last few days are in the rear view mirror, hardly remembered.

I spent a bit of time planning our route from here to Carson City and Dave used the campground laundry to wash all those "floor saver" towels from the repair.

After lunch we drove around the area, getting the lay of the land a bit.   In Palisade we drove through orchards of peach, pear and apple trees and past vineyards shrouded in bird netting.   They looked as if they were getting ready for Halloween!

We followed a sign to Riverbend Park, on the banks of the Colorado River and walked in the cool water.

The park also has a pretty nice looking disc golf course.   Dave thinks we have discs in one of Beluga's basement compartments.....perhaps our next time through we'll come back here.

We stopped at a roadside farm market and bought the season's first apples and a stunning Dahlia variety named Ketchup and Mustard!

On our way home we saw something in the distance that we hoped wasn't the beginning of a forest fire on Grand Mesa......

The sunset view from our window tonight was simply beautiful.     Tomorrow we'll wander a little further afield, perhaps to Grand Mesa or Colorado National Monument.   We're only here one more day and there is much to see and do.    We're in slow and easy mode now so we look forward to coming back in the future.


  1. That sounds heavenly after the drama of the past few! YAY!

  2. Mmmmm, fruit orchards! Can't wait!

  3. More ketchup and mustard please! Your sunset was gorgeous--did you also see the lunar eclipse last night? Spectacular here in Arizona. I recommend the Colorado National Monument drive--lots of pull outs where you can admire the views and an interesting little visitor's center. Have fun!

  4. Perfect laid back day:) We all need these with this life on the road. Sasha and Lewis look very happy and content:)

  5. I love slow and easy...much more your style. Bet Beluga is feeling better now!
    Finally...a good night's sleep without wondering about The Banks'.