Thursday, September 24, 2015

Change of Plans

We had a pleasant drive through the mountains to our first night's stop, Rifle Gap State park.     The Aspen's brilliant yellow is magnificent.    The pictures I took as we flew by on I-70 don't do them justice, but I'll show you anyway.

Our site at Rifle Gap was lovely.   No shade trees, but a wonderful view of the water from our "patio.

Even though there are other campers in the area, we're peaceful and quiet with just the sound of the wind joining us for cocktail hour.

No TV, internet or cell service so we had a quiet dinner and a few episodes of Downton Abbey before heading to an early sleep.

We left fairly early (for us, that is) and enjoyed the Great Hogback's reflection in the calm reservoir.

This concludes the bucolic portion of today's blog.

As we pulled into Rifle Gap yesterday afternoon we noticed that Beluga's engine was making a different sound.   One we hadn't heard before.    No problems with power or braking, just a - sound.    

Rather than heading up to Vernal,  through many miles of nothingness with an undiagnosed sound, we decided to abort our plans to spend a long weekend at Steinaker State Park exploring the Flaming Gorge.   Wow, that was a long sentence!      

We are now working Plan B.     We're in Grand Junction, Colorado in the parking lot of a Caterpillar engine shop awaiting what we hope will be a quick fix.   Please cross whatever you're able to cross for that outcome.    Best laid plans and all that!


  1. Well that is not good. I hope it is a simple fix. We were looking forward to visiting with you guys and you had a very nice site at Steinaker State Park. We saw your name on the post, saying Reserved for Banks! Keep us posted! Hans and Lisa

    1. PS... if you are staying in Grand Junction for a bit... we will be in Fruita on Monday, 9/28 for a week.

  2. Keep us posted:) Looked like a beautiful spot for a much deserved night to relax overlooking the water:)

  3. We'll be crossing all paws here that it's just a simple fix!

  4. Here's hoping it's not serious. This past spring our Caterpillar digested a fuel injector. It was a very long and expensive fix.

  5. Reminds me of our first night of fulltime life spent at the Freightliner service center. We were on the road at noon the next day so everything is crossed that yours is quick too!
    Sweet patio view at the Gap!!

  6. Oh no... our fingers n toes will be crossed here in az.

  7. I hate weird engine sounds - hoping you will have a quick return to your plans!!!