Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Last few weeks

We've been in the Denver area since May and I think we've seen most of what we wanted to within a day's driving distance from our rv park.  We'll probably be back in the spring so if we missed something, we'll have another chance.

These final two weeks have been taken up with dinners and visits with Jesse and Erin along with various wedding related details and some necessary domestic duties around Beluga.

Mr. David's A-1 Refrigeration Regulation
Agency takes care of our freezer's
pesky ice build up

Lewis hopes this handyman will notice the carefully placed
Christmas mousey and perhaps offer to play awhile...

Dave tries to use a less than optimal
"workbench" to start a project

Jesse's house has much more space to work

The last few Friday nights we've taken the light rail train from Golden into Denver's Union Station to meet Jess and Erin for dinner.  The station is just around the corner from us and Jesse works very close to Union Station downtown so it makes wonderful sense to take an easy and cheap ride into the city.   Its also sort of fun to watch the world race by from the comfort of the train.

part of the Union Station transit center

the undulating wood strips on this interesting wall aft
represent the different mountain peaks and
their elevation

building is booming in Denver

Sometimes we meet in the city for dinner at one of its many wonderful restaurants and sometimes Jesse and Erin make a relaxing and yummy dinner at their house.   They have quite a garden in their back yard and we are the lucky recipients of its summer bounty.

noshing while keeping the cook company

The weather has been lovely lately so we've enjoyed dining al fresco and sitting by the fire.

  I bought a new camera and am trying to get comfortable with it before the Big Day.   It is new, but its only the new model of my old camera.   That being said, it does have a couple new features I'm not familiar with.    I tried reading the instructions that came with it, but I'm not good at reading instructions.    I learn better by trying.  This technique is wearing on the people around me, however.

One of the "new" icons on this camera is a silly smiley face.   Evidently the camera senses when the subject person smiles and then quickly takes the picture....Sheesh!    So, I've been sneaking up on my family and asking them to "smile" to see if it works.      The flash on this camera pops up most unexpectedly, often blinding and annoying the intended subjects.

As it turns out, the tiny smiley face icon really does capture smiles!


  1. Defrosting the freezer is a job we don't miss for sure. Glad Mr. David's A-1 service was available:) I guess Mr. David doesn't do dog play!

    Gee, we never saw the train station. Very neat! I love what was done with the wood strips to represent the mountain range.

    Jesse and Erin's backyard looks perfect for a nice summer evening. What pretty photos:)

    I'm sure the family will be glad when you all the functions down on the new camera!

  2. Learning a new camera sure can be frustrating, it's good you have a little time to get used to it before the Big Day!

  3. Can't believe you've been there over four months already! Love the wooden depiction of the mountain ranges, very creative. How sweet to have the convenience of the train, makes those Friday night get-togethers even more fun. What will they think of next on these cameras? I will probably never know all the functions on mine, but I sure love having that zoom :-)

  4. Sitting by that nice fire sure does look inviting ...I'll be right over!

  5. We too enjoyed our ride to the city and the train station was an amazing hub!
    So Im guessing the dust on your other camera simply is staking its spot. Its a good thing that you bought your new one with plenty of time to learn. I think that new cams now have functions that are just really unnecessary to us seasoned folks.