Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Denver Botanic Gardens

We had a busy day today.   We are working on a small wedding project for Erin and subsequently spent most of the day at their house while they slaved away at work.....awww.


First things are the rest of the pictures I took at the Denver Botanic Gardens last week.

There was so much to see at the Botanic Gardens.   Beautiful sculptures inside, beautiful sculptures outside.  

Some of the containers that held the plants became the stars of the show...

I loved these "Cthulhu" pots!

Sometimes nature's patterns caught our eye.

Lace Tree's bark
Beautiful and interesting flowers and foliage inside and beautiful, interesting flowers and foliage outside.

teeny tiny orchids


Plants and flowers growing in the water and reflected by the water.

unusual and very tiny water lily

water lettuce

The plants and flowers were beautiful to look at and sometimes beautiful to smell, but some of them were even more fascinating when you got down and looked really close......

edge of large lily pad

Sometimes the beauty was just under our feet, sometimes over our heads.

Our day wasn't all beauty, however.....sometimes it was funny too.   We had a good time inside the Science Pyramid playing with the different exhibits.   Erin had a hand in the design while she was at the University of Oregon getting her Master's Degrees in Architecture.

Some of the plants were just plain interesting.   Not beautiful, but interesting nonetheless.   One by virtue of its need to escape at all cost...

And one by it's life cycle, and it's terrible, awful smell.    Oh, and it is pretty ugly in life and in death.

Corpse Flower in death

and in life....

But the best part of our day was being able to share it with these two.


  1. How neat! Sue, you did a great job of showing us all the uniqueness of the garden. Someday, you need to take me on a tour:) I really do enjoy finding the beauty in all the various features and plants. Love the photo of Erin and Jesse:)

  2. Lovely, lovely displays. Nice to have you back in action with your camera, Sue Bank!

  3. WOW....the Botanic Gardens are outstanding. I am afraid they would have to drag me out of there at closing.

  4. Those hanging pots are magnificent! Oh how I miss gardening...which makes it all the more fun to visit places like this!

  5. Sue, these pics are amazing. You really captured the variety and beauty of the gardens - certainly more than just a bunch of plants!! Love the edge of the lily pad and the tiny orchids that look like critters. So cool that Erin had a hand in the architecture that you and so many others are able to enjoy. That corpse plant is so creepy! Darling pic of the couple.

  6. Love this post, so many little obscure things that you captured that are fascinating. How fortunate that you saw the Corpse Flower, for you have to come back for its repeat performance in 2 or 10 years!
    We missed the botanical garden the last time we visit, so your pictures are satisfying me but making me missed my yard and gardening.
    That is a lovely photo of Erin and Jesse.