Saturday, September 5, 2015

Dennis Weaver Park

Since Rick and JoAnne had worked as Camp Hosts at Ridgway some years ago they were a wealth of information about the area and things to see and do.

You know how Dave and I love to have lunch by the water whenever we can, so we took their advice,  packed up our midday meal and headed for Dennis Weaver Park.  Yes, THAT Dennis Weaver - Gunsmoke Dennis Weaver, McCloud Dennis Weaver. The 60 acre park and wildlife preserve is situated along the Uncompahgre River corridor between the State Park and the town of Ridgway.       Evidently there was much more to this man than his tv and movie rolls.    He was a passionate environmentalist and this beautiful,  quiet park is dedicated to his memory.

It is a serene and contemplative place with a short walk along the river, a tree shaded picnic area, and a huge, magnificent cast bronze eagle soaring over an astronomically aligned medicine wheel.

an internet picture showing the
medicine wheel shortly after

All around the park, especially near the eagle, people have placed cairns.   As we walked quietly around looking at them we wondered what they meant to their creators.   Were they dedicated to someone lost, were they built to hold hopes, regrets, wishes, or were they simply markers....

We turned down a path, following the sound of the river.   It was the only sound in the park, other than a slight wind through the trees.

We found a table near the rushing water and enjoyed our lunch under the protection of the eagle flying above us.

After lunch we left our own cairns in a special spot beside the river.

As we walked back up the steps and out of the park we wondered if they would still be there, beside the river, when next we return.


  1. What an inspiring memorial park. I love bronze. Simply stunning.

  2. Isn't that just the most lovely little park! So glad you enjoyed it as much as we did. The eagle is gorgeous and the setting just perfect.

  3. I just love that eagle! I didn't realize it was in the middle of a medicine wheel. Love your lunch spot and your cairn.

  4. Glad you enjoyed the park - and it's always about the "little things ' in life isn't it? Hugs -

  5. A very wonderful spot. On the medicine wheel I am in the Butterfly Clan, and am always excited to see a wheel added to lovely places. What a lovely place to spend some quiet time. We will definitely be stopping there some day. We'll look for your cairns :-)

  6. Steve recognize the name right away when I mentioned the park you visited. And it looks like we will follow suit there in a few weeks and enjoy it as you did.