Thursday, September 3, 2015


RV friends, Rick and JoAnne ( were at Ridgway State Park at the same time we were.  We took the opportunity to spend a bit of time with them, one of the many luxuries of this lifestyle.   Late one afternoon they came down to Beluga (they were camped at the Elk Ridge section of the park), yummy appetizer in hand, and we shared a very pleasant happy hour.

Thanks for the picture Rick

We made plans to get together on the following Thursday for lunch and an "activity".     An activity that both Rick and Dave had never tried but often thought about.    They figured if they made fools of themselves, neither one would tell!

 They took the jeep and went into Rigs Adventure Co. in Ridgway and rented two lime green paddle boards, life jackets and the required whistles.     Dave dropped Rick and the equipment on the beach at Ridgway Reservoir and drove back to Beluga to collect me and the dogs.    JoAnne met us at the water's edge.

While the dogs checked the stony beach out, JoAnne and I got our camera's ready to record the hopefully exciting and amusing learning curve.

Should have known......Even though they didn't "pop right up" as the girl at Rigs had suggested, they both got to their knees then to their feet with minimal effort and no hilarious slips to entertain us.

So, off they went out into the Reservoir and then down the creek and out of sight.

JoAnn waits with her camera

Joanne and I sat in the shade of the cars and kept Lewis amused by throwing his tennis ball into the water, over and over and over.

out he goes

in he comes

She and I had a nice time visiting and learning more about each other and our families.    Sasha snoozed on her water proof bed in the shade while we waited for the boys to paddle back in sight.

It looked like fun so we prevailed upon the guys to take us for a ride.    Wonderful husbands that they are, they agreed and we waded out and very gracefully plopped ourselves on the boards in front of them.    We rode around like that for a bit, then relieved the poor paddlers by suggesting lunch on the shore.

Another borrowed picture

After lunch and a bit more paddling, we returned the equipment, cleaned up a bit and had a delicious pizza dinner together outside at Panny's in Ridgway.

Thursday's outing was a delightfully unexpected and thoroughly pleasant way to spend an afternoon.    Thanks Rick and JoAnne!


  1. John was very excited to see not one but TWO Sue photos:) You will be very ready for the wedding and the camera!

    I love that you went out for a paddle around on the board. How very cool the guys decided to give this a try:) What a nice day with friends!

  2. I hope to try this next summer in San Diego, looks like fun!

  3. So happy the boys were so entertaining. Guess there good for more than just taking out the

  4. They look great out there...and so gallant to paddle you around some. Sounds like a great day.

  5. Can't believe there wasn't one mishap if just to humor you at least! Looks like the perfect place for a first time paddle board, and something you'll want to do again. Wish I had Lewis' energy, or at least his love of tennis balls :-) Great to see you guys having such a fun time.

  6. What a fun time we had! It was great getting together for some "quality time" - and yes, there was a tad of disappointment in "the guys" just getting the paddle board thing so easily! LOL

  7. Is there nothing that Dave Bank Can't do??? This guy is so multi-talented.

  8. I hope it won't be too cold to try this out in October.
    The handsome hubbies really made it look so easy!