Wednesday, September 30, 2015

into Nevada

After a good night's sleep at the Provo Elks Lodge we drove up to Salt Lake City on I-15 and out on I-80 west, heading for Nevada.  We waved to friends Jack and Marilyn as we flew by on the interstate.    We were to spend a few days with them in Salt Lake City - before our unscheduled repair job altered our plans..

  The scenery is bleak in some places and mesmerizing in others.    So many exits with signs saying "no services" services or anything else as far as the eye can see!

I didn't take many pictures on the road, Beluga's windshield was pocked with dead bugs making for unpleasant shots.   Well, I was compelled to take a few so please ignore the splotches and splats when you notice them.

Pilot Peak at over 10,000 feet

Morton Salt stockpiles growing

Bonneville Salt Flats

in some spots the salt flats were covered by a shallow layer of water
making intriguing reflections

a very bad picture of salt crystals on a tiny stick

We are at a bare bones campground in Wells, Nevada.  The owner's are very friendly, the electric is good and it will be easy to get on the road in the morning.
 Beluga took one of the few remaining spots and our arriving next door neighbors provided a good postprandial show.

 The brand new Dodge pick-up truck attached to an also brand new fifth wheel trailer were pulled into the site by a huge tow truck.     After much discussion, the wrecker detached the pick-up and drove away.    As it was leaving, another huge truck, flatbed this time, pulled up and they are now in the process of loading the pick-up onto it.     Poor people, no one wants to end their day like that, we feel their pain.    I can't imagine being stranded here in Wells with no wheels...


  1. I wish we had stopped so I could have walked on the salt layer and looked at the salt crystals.

    That photo of Dave and Lewis watching out the window is just so cute:)

  2. The reflection photo is so dang neat. The last photo is a hoot!

  3. Ewww poor neighbors indeed. I thought you salt on a stick picture was really good! Safe travels.

  4. Great pics of the flats! I always wonder why there's a exit if there's nothing out there :-) Cracked up at the last pic, Bill and Tessa are often entertained by neighbors too. We are sans vehicle as well with the Jeep in the shop overnight for tune up and front least Susanville has a bit more to offer on foot than Wells.

  5. Love the Lewis-Dave picture. You get the best shots!