Sunday, September 13, 2015

black dogs

Tomorrow we close up Beluga and move in to our rented house in Boulder.   We'll be there until next Monday but until then we've plenty to do.   Dinner with friends, picking up others at DIA, welcoming at the Welcome Dinner on Thursday, helping with another wedding project, a bit of "showing around" to new comers, the BIG DAY,  another small get together for those left in town on Saturday evening, then returning friends to the airport on Sunday.

 This week will fly by, we must remember to take time and savor these celebrations and memories.....our only child's wedding....

I haven't had time for many photos, but here are a few of our furry friends taken last week.

second cup inside Beluga..
they were fertilizing the grass outside this morning

Sasha has been insisting on going outside lately, by herself,
to watch the world go by...

Doin' Dad?

is Dave sitting with Lewis or
is Lewis sitting with Dave?


  1. Thanks for all the furry friend photos:) Lewis certainly doesn't want to miss a thing. Sasha looks so cute with the leaves around. Now that is a happy man with his friends beside him:)

    You will definitely have a busy week with all the last minute things and friends arriving. Have a wonderful week and enjoy all the festivities. It will be Friday before you blink:)

  2. Those kids of your are too funny! Good luck with all the goings on this coming week!

  3. It's here at last!!! Enjoy every second and remember to take lots of photos. Always love seeing how the doggies are doing - and Dave's cute too :-) Tessa had an unfortunate grooming experience this week and may not have any pics taken for a while :-(

  4. Yes, Savor this sweet time as Jesse and Erin move through this new phase of their lives. They'll both be sparkling
    And we'll be sharing tears of great and some sadness to feel this change in your lives. Wasn't' he just the young boy
    You were driving to piano lessons, to school, to college, helping get moved oh so many times. All those holidays at
    Long Boat Key. It's been a remarkable journey. And now another new and wonderful milestone with his life with Erin.

    Our hugs will be longer and deeper this visit. Love you guys.

  5. Congratulations to you all! Happy, Happy Wedding!

  6. Like you said with all the goings and comings this week will just zoom by. Have a good week and enjoy all the festivities. I can just imagine your feelings as Jesse and Erin opens a new chapter in their life. Enjoy them now while you are still in CO.
    Those black dogs are sure cute!

  7. Yeah that is a poodle thing for sure! Sasha has the right idea and great that she has a place she can just hang out and watch the world!