Sunday, May 8, 2016

autohiking on Antelope Island

Friday, hmmmm or perhaps it was Saturday,  we did a bit of autohiking.   The weather hasn't been great and I'm tired of taking care of life's details so we decided to drive a bit north and check out Antelope Island State Park on the Great Salt Lake.

I had read Nina and Pam's posts about serious gnat problems there in the springtime so I was prepared.       We've driven past the Great Salt Lake numerous times on the interstates and were curious enough to decide to get closer despite the unpleasant bug situation.   Oh, and the smell problem.

As we drove into the State Park we saw signs stating there would be no refund of entry fees for bug problems.....uh oh.    Forewarned is forearmed.   Driving along the causeway we experienced the infamous and unpleasant smell but as we got further into the Park, nearer the deeper water, the odor disappeared.

The landscape, so close to the hustle and bustle of Salt Lake City, was serene and otherworldly.    We encountered few people and saw no one in the campgrounds at all.

We only got out of the car once, for a necessary stop, and were immediately covered with tiny pepper size specks - the dreaded gnats.    We realized why no one else was there!     Consequently, all the pictures in this blog were shot from inside the car through a sometimes bug splattered and sometimes rainy windshield.

Despite the bugs and the occasional smell we thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon's autohike on the dirt roads through this stark yet very alive landscape.

Bison evidently aren't bothered by nasty smells
or nasty gnats

large squadron's of white Pelicans dotted the skies

We enjoyed watching all the birds enjoying all the gnats!

we encountered several pronghorn crossing the roads

Later that evening we enjoyed a wonderful "fine dining" meal with Jack and Marilyn in the Sugar House district of Salt Lake City.    Kimi's has refurbished the old Post Office Building and the surroundings were as wonderful as the meal!

Tomorrow Dave and Jack will play golf, something Dave has been really looking forward to.    I'll stick around home and finish up some bills and future planning then later we'll meet Jack and Marilyn to enjoy a production by the Pioneer Theatre Company.


  1. So many gnats equal so many birds. Awesome!
    And I love the field of purple flowers....

  2. Definitely looks like it warth the drive despite those awful gnats!

  3. It's too bad the area is swarming with gnats. But it did provide you with a lot of birds. Wonderful photos! Love the one in the among the links in the fence:) Sounds like your social activities have stepped up a touch...fine dining and play. Enjoy!!

  4. I really want to see this area even after reading about the gnats - it just looks like an amazing and wild place. Imagine how different it would be without the bugs keeping hundreds of people away! Love the choppy gray/green water and the bird in the coils of the fence. Oh live theater - I do miss that!!

  5. Antelope Island has long been on our list -- we're going to brave it one of these days, gnats and all. Guess that's one reason there are so many birds! Thanks for the auto tour -- you had wonderful wildlife sightings!

  6. I wonder if I can trick Steve to drive there just for the birds!
    You are moving up, new purchase :). fine dining, golf and theater!