Friday, May 6, 2016

Salt Lake City

Provo Elks Lodge

We decided to stay one more day in our nice site at the Provo Elks Lodge.  We'd never really even looked around Provo, just whizzed by on the interstate.   Wednesday we got in the jeep and planned to just drive around and see what we could see.    Perhaps check out the Utah Lake State Park, perhaps drive into the snow capped mountains, perhaps stop at a Jeep dealer to see what they had on the lot.

To make a very long story short, we ended up making a large purchase that day and, as a result, are working through some "challenges" relating to making that purchase in a state in which we don't reside......The salesmen were very pleasant, and competent and anxious to make the deal so keep your finger's crossed that everything promised will be delivered.

Thursday we packed up Beluga and drove the 50 or so miles to our next planned stop in North Salt Lake City.    We have friends we're looking forward to seeing here and our coffers need to be refilled before continuing north next week.

We drove along a ridge of snow capped mountains the entire way, just beautiful.    We're settled in at Pony Express RV resort in a nice site with a view of those mountains.     When we arrived it was quite warm, warm enough to turn on the air conditioner to cool us off.

Lewis loves to plop down on the bed, directly under the air conditioner vent for two reasons.   He loves the cool air blowing down directly in the center of his head and, most importantly, he loves the "air conditioner flat head" look it gives him.   He feels he needs a change of hair style occasionally.

We've checked a few things off our long to do, to buy list today.

replacing Beluga's dead water pump

The weather has been unsettled all day.   Very very windy with a number of nasty looking storms rolling by to the west of us.   Thunder and lightning, rain and hail alternating with weak blue sky have been our company.

the sky matches Beluga today

 windshield's view of another storm racing by

Tonight we'll have dinner at our friend's lovely home.  


  1. A very large purchase? I'm super intrigued!!

  2. You tease!

    Love the rainy photos!

  3. I can hardly wait for pictures!

  4. New Jeep or Poodle companion for Lew? Have enjoyed your travels since finding your blog. As you can tell by my handle, I have 2 standards. My 11 year old gal is a mini Lew (still std. but a small one), my big boy is a cafe au lait parti boy. Best dogs on the planent says I. :-)
    Loving your travels and hope to do same with my 2Spoos and I soon! Thanks for the wonderful views of the west. I am a FL girl and east coaster, but looking to expand my horizions.

  5. Looks like you got hit with the weather today! We need some sun here!! Love my boy and his very cool hair:)

  6. Is it a hot tub? :-))
    Love Lewis's new do.

  7. Well I'm very excited to see the new ride! One of the reservations I cancelled was for Utah Lake SP so I'm sort of glad you didn't drive through and find out it's fantastic :-) Love the Beluga skies, hope it clears moving north. Lewis looks very distinguished with his flat top.

  8. I'm placing my bets on a Wrangler! Rubicon?? That's what happens when you spend a month in Moab! :-) If by chance your local guys can't figure things out, we've used Dave Smith Motors in Kellogg, Idaho a number of times for both Jeeps and Ram Trucks. Biggest dealership in the nation, usually the lowest prices, and they are extremely experienced in dealing with buyers from all states. No problem. Can't wait to see what you've been up to! Who knows...maybe we'll cross paths in Oregon this summer. Our previous plans got shot to pieces yesterday, as you know. Onward!