Monday, May 2, 2016

Saturday - best car show

This weekend's Rotary April Action Car Show was a great success.  I don't have the exact figures on how many entrants were in Swanny City Park on Saturday, but I've heard 500 and I believe  it.   We've never seen that many cars at a show and they ran the gamut from perfectly restored, pristine vintage automobiles to funky and fun rat rods/trucks and everything in between.    The proceeds of this weekend's show will go to benefit the Club's community support fund, the Moab Free Health Clinic.

Dave and I had a ball and walked more than 3 miles up and down all the rows of fabulous iron.    Here are some pictures....

this one of the many rods cruising down Main Street on Friday night

tire accommodation for extreme suspension travel

rare 1932 Ford Sedan Delivery/Flower car

pink plastic mini mini cooper

a totally stunning Lincoln Zephyr Street Rod

rear view

and for lunch.....

yummy quesadillas!

Dave looks at a beautiful 67 Chevelle.   He once had one exactly like it.

see us?

a flawlessly re-engineered Camaro

this is what a 12 cylinder, twin supercharged, Detroit diesel Peterbuilt
Rat Rod Truck looks, also, was cruising Main Street on Friday night....

a young driver.....vroom vroom

creative floor boards

these "flames" were created by grinding the paint off, to the bare metal,
free hand

amazing what paint can imitate.

reality isn't as pretty

hello Fred.....


  1. Wow! There certainly was a huge variety of cars. Love the pink mini, mini cooper:) Sounds like you had a great day:) Nice to see such a huge crowd enjoying the lovely day.

  2. Oh how fun!! I always love the original interiors as much as the shiny skins. And what a variety of rods they had - that Zephyr is incredible. Dave was looking a little melancholy with that Chevelle :-) Couldn't pick a favorite, but that delivery van looks pretty sweet.

  3. Wow, that was quite the array of unusual vehicles! The flower delivery sedan caught my eye, too. I wonder how many of those were made?? The pink mini cooper and young driver in her pink tutu is adorable.