Sunday, May 29, 2016

Busy Saturday

Saturday we were on a schedule.   We had to get a very important package to FedEX by noon so it would go out that day and not be delayed even more by the long weekend.     The package contained what we have been told New York State DMV needs to register our Jeep and transfer our old plates to it.    Cindy P has graciously agreed to receive the package and to take the contents of said package to the DMV in Geneseo, in person, and take care of the necessary details.    After all goes well (she says hopefully) Cindy will overnight our new registration and we can finally put NYS  plates on the Jeep.   Tick Tock......the Utah Temporary tag is good only til June 16.....tick tock.     Please cross all fingers and toes that this transaction works.     One complication was that we needed to copy the paperwork before sending and, of course, our printer was out of ink.

Just one quick stop on the way.....      We've passed by a small and beautifully manicured farm market several times and yesterday they had a sign at the road -  "SALE" it said.    Rhubarb! I said.   I'd noticed a line of huge and very lush looking rhubarb plants along their fence so we decided this was the time to stop in.    How long could it take?

tender young rhubarb plants

Dave's birthday is next Wednesday, and his traditional birthday pie has always been rhubarb.

The very pleasant and enthusiastic owner, Duane, introduced himself to us immediately and told us he was just about to pick lucky for us.

he not only sells rhubarb for cooking, but sells plants for growing it
 He picked and he picked all the while telling us about his sweet little one acre farm.    He'd retired from his custom cabinetry business and started this place, on a very small scale.   We all know how gardens just seem to "grow" larger and larger and this small property is now chock full of wonderful veggies and flowers and chickens.

this gal looked mighty crabby

good eats in the chicken coop

Duane introduced us to his lovely wife and then invited us to walk around and enjoy the fruits of his labor (labor of love!).

The Miracle Acre sells all manner of vegetables and flowers, along with anything "garden" in the small red garage.   Duane gives classes at the farm and at the community college.      I only took pictures of flowers it seems.   They do grow many other things, onions, berries, asparagus, etc.

All in all a delightful place.    If you ever find yourself on Brosterhous Road in Bend, stop in, you'll love it!

Oh Dave.....

white bleeding hearts

unreal looking poppies

When we told him how beautiful the soil was, he whisked us off to his compost pile and showed off his powered compost sifter.    He started it up and threw in shovelfuls of straw, chicken manure, vegetable cast offs, etc. that he keeps in a neat compost pile in the rear of the acre.      Instantly it spat out perfectly sifted bits of black gold, directly into his waiting wheelbarrow.        He was very proud.

lots of super fresh rhubarb for Dave

 We ended up leaving with more rhubarb than I needed or wanted really, ($5) but Duane told me how to roast it with a little sugar or honey and then freeze the result for topping ice cream, or gelato, or pound cake.     That sounded like a great thing to try and I think Dave will be a happy man for quite awhile!

We made it to the FedEx office just in the nick of time so our package is on its way to Geneseo.   Phew, we weren't sure we'd get there in time after spending a lovely hour or so at the Miracle Acre, but it worked out just fine.

After lunch Dave took the dogs outside to watch him wax Beluga.   They all enjoyed themselves.

Later we met Pam and Vic for another stellar dinner at Brickhouse.  We decided to forgo desert at the restaurant and instead walked across the street to enjoy a small cup of special gelato at Bonta.     To our surprise and delight, one of their varieties was topped with - Miracle Mile's rhubarb roasted with strawberries!   Great end to a busy day!


  1. Hmmmm...maybe I can fly in for a quick piece of that soon-to-be delicious pie. Oh, and then I can hand deliver those registration papers at the same time! I'll give Dave a sweet birthday hug, play ball with Lewis, pet and love Sasha, bear hug you goodbye and fly back. It would only take a day...and I've wanted to see Bend. Sounds like one lovely plan.

  2. What a great find! I can't wait to check them out in Sept!

  3. I sure hope your names are all exactly the same on each piece of info! Jessica was our "in person" courier. John's license had John J Wright III and the insurance card didn't have the III. So the lady at the notary wouldn't accept it. She didn't believe Jessica. So we had to get the name changed on the insurance and then resend the new card! What a pain! Who knew it would be such a pain to buy a car out of state!

    Duane sure has a beautiful garden going there. The poppies are gorgeous! Make sure we get a photo of the pie:)

    Lewis and Sasha did a nice job supervising Mr. David will he worked:) Thanks for the photos:) I'm a happy camper:)

  4. I love those great surprises along the road and this one looks perfect. So much pretty and yummy in one little acre!! Those poppies are incredible. Hope the plates arrive quickly - although you're in a lovely place to be "stuck". It's a good friend who will go to the DMV for you :-)))))

  5. What a delightful find -- I love those kinds of stops that unfold in almost magical ways. It would be impossible to resist the Grand Tour! When we visit little farms and gardens it nourishes that part of me that would love to be home gardening -- especially in the spring. (I'm taking notes on all the good things you're finding for our trip to Bend in September. :-))