Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Fun with Lewis

We're on the road again and it feels good!   We were in Moab a little more than a month and I can hardly believe how quickly the time passed.

We left this morning, taking rt. 191 north to I-70 west to rt. 6 north and connected with I-15 north.  It was a beautiful and dramatic drive and we're now at the Provo Elks Lodge for the night.   Perhaps two.

There are 5 water and electric sites in the lot and we were the 5th rig to pull in.   Consequently we're shoe horned in between fifth wheels but the price is right as is the location so we're content.

my clever sous chef trims a large pizza
to fit our rv oven.....

Bonus - Papa Murphy's Pizza is right across the street...guess what we had for dinner tonight?

As I said, Monday was our last day in Moab and Pam suggested we take a hike she and John had previously done and really enjoyed.     She also suggested we take Mr. Lewis along so off we all went.   What a fun afternoon we all had!

Pam took much better pictures than I was able to, check out their blog to see the three of us in the backseat......

the ever chivalrous John holds the gate for us

guys, guys, wait for me!

more red rocks

one of many poses

nature's petroglyphs

the boys hike on ahead of us

Lew hikes with the guys but keeps a
watchful eye on Pam and I at all times

come on up!

on the edge

dead junipers make excellent and tasty floss

wheeeeeeeee! watch me run!

what are ya doin down here Gramma Pamma?
can I help, can I?

black and white and blue and red

he takes the lead

keep up Gramma Pamma!

lunch guest cleaning up the crumbs


Flat Lewis.....
post hike
That wraps up our most excellent and much to short stay in Moab, Utah.  No more red rock pictures....til next time.


  1. We sure enjoyed meeting you, Dave, Lewis and Sasha. I'm going to miss seeing Lewis play ball at the doggie park. Sure hope our paths cross again...maybe in SoCal this winter. Safe travels and happy trails. Hugs (and kisses) to Lesis and Sasha!

    Loved your last day hike.

  2. It was a grand last day together!! We did some good planning for after hike food:) We will do it again soon:) Miss all of you:) It has been a wonderful year!!

  3. That furry boy of yours is a riot! Safe Travels...and fingers crossed our paths may cross in OR!

  4. Lewis looks like he's a natural-born hiker! What a gorgeous day you had for your last hiking adventure in Moab. Isn't it amazing how quickly a month passes by -- I'm always sad to leave a beloved place, but excited for the adventures ahead. Happy trails!

  5. What a joyful post - so much fun energy. Love the buddies and helping Gramma Pamma :-) Such a grand time you six have had this 7 months!!!

  6. Lewis is such a Star. Photogenic, vibrant and your little Lewis "quotes."