Monday, May 16, 2016

Jerome, Idaho

All went well on our new Jeep's maiden voyage.   Beluga was a bit skittish with an unfamiliar vehicle following so very closely all the way out of Utah, but she soon settled and we had an uneventful day.   A spit of rain and a lot of wind, but otherwise a fine drive of about 225 miles.

roadside wildflowers

We stopped for a quick lunch at one of the rest stops off I-84.   Because of our size we usually end up parking between large semi's with views of nothing but the truck or its trailer.   Today we had a pleasant surprise when a Kenworth pulled in next to us hauling a trailer with fantastic graphics on its side.    This day we had a beautiful view for lunch.....

We arrived at the Snake River Elks Lodge in Jerome, Idaho early in the afternoon.   Early enough for me to locate Robin's easy and delicious recipe for fresh rhubarb crisp and put one together for tonight's dinner.

We're the only rig here, have 50 amps of electric and views of the golf course and surrounding hay fields on the Snake River Plain for $10 a night.   Not a bad set up for the next day or so.   Lewis and Sasha love all the soft green grass everywhere.

 Tomorrow we'll drive up to the Crater's of the Moon for a quick visit.   We'd planned a longer exploration, but it hasn't worked out that way so we'll be happy with what we have.

Our view of the driving range from Beluga's windshield

fields of hay from my bedroom window

We look forward to a nice quiet evening here and a good day tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like a smooth move with the new Jeep trailing behind:) Love you lunch view...what luck! The golf course looks beautiful! Hope Dave gets to hit a few:) I bet Lewis was very happy to play ball on the grass, and Sasha probably had a lot of news to catch up on:)

  2. Just before I started reading your post, our next door neighbor pulled up in a rented camper with a mural of Joshua Tree NP painted on the side. Eric and I were laughing and taking photos of the great "view"" from our dining window. (We're in a VERY tight site in Snow Canyon.) So funny that you just had the same experience! :-))

  3. Glad Beluga has accepted her new traveling mate! Your evening view is even more delightful than your lunch surprise - fun to see the green after all the red rock :-)

  4. Enjoy your outing tomorrow....can't wait for pictures!