Thursday, June 23, 2016

Evergreen - part 2

So, I'll try to finish last night's post.     Here are a few pictures representing part of the wonderful collection inside the museum.

experimental aircraft - LARGE and small

the enormous Spruce Goose towers over all
(actually..its made out of birch, but I guess spruce sounded better) 

It may look like there is no one else in the museum with us.....I try, hard, to exclude people from my photos when possible, except Dave, of course.  (and trash cans, and electric poles, and street signs, etc.)   Sometimes I get lucky.

inside the Goose's cargo bay

reflections of a past love......

cockpit of the Spruce Goose behind the Spirit of St. Lewis
The intended range of this plane necessitated a larger than normal fuel tank and its placement made a windshield impossible.   Lindbergh made clever use of a periscope to solve the problem of seeing out the front.

 periscope peeking out the side window

colorful WWI trainers

shapes, colors and purpose changed through the years

SR-71 Blackbird spy plane

one of the SR-71's engines
(complete with instruction manual?)

radar testing aircraft
looks like a dodo bird to me.....

moon rover's unique tire

Oh, and did I mention that the landscaping around these buildings and the collections they hold is every bit as impressive?

Oh Dave.....


  1. I've seen the Spruce Goose before, when it was housed in Long Beach years ago. It's a biggie!

  2. Joe would love this museum.
    Awesome photos Sue. It's really hard to get good museum nailed it!

  3. A really great photo collection of an amazing aerial collection! I didn't even realize the Goose had moved from SoCal - wouldn't that have been something to see being moved! Love the big fish mouth and the Dodo bird - I guess aesthetically pleasing isn't always a requirement :-) Wonderful reflections pic.

  4. Really good photos, planes and cars can be a bear to photograph. If you are ever anywhere near Dayton, OH, divert and go to the museum at Wright Patterson. It is phenomenal. They have many one offs from aviation history. Wear a sweater, it's cold in there.

  5. Definitely added to our bucket list!!

    Bit late but it was very nice to finally meet you while you were at Portal!

  6. Great museum! I'll add it to the list for next year:) Love the Rover tire! We also saw the Spruce Goose in Long Beach. It is huge!

  7. Such a fascinating collection! You did a great job of giving us a tour—wow, everything from the Spirit of St. Louis to the Moon Rover. I hope the instruction manual for that engine is better than the ones we usually get for stuff we buy.....

  8. We enjoyed revisiting the museum through your eyes. This was our first of many Air Museums that we have visited. It was Spruce Goose that sort of enticed us to visit the museum.
    Love that reflection of Dave looking at his past love. Steve shares that feeling.