Saturday, June 11, 2016


Saturday....the day after.     Thank you all for your heartfelt expressions of sympathy.    We appreciate them more than you know.    Our loss is part of life, we know that, but it will take time to feel normal again.

Today turned out to be mostly sunny, a nice change from the waves of rain we've experienced since we arrived.  

We did a few errands, took a side trip to the beach and then had a wonderfully delicious dinner at Nina and Paul's "beast" in Cape Disappointment State Park, Washington.

A healing day for us all.

Bald eagle on the golf course

We had a visitor on the golf course this morning during our second cup outside.
We almost called a wildlife specialist because this eagle sat on the ground for such a long time.   Just as I was starting to find someone to call he lifted up and slowly flew off.    Perhaps he just wanted one of our digestives?

On our way to the bridge we passed a small herd of bachelor Elk.  These two posed for me.

The Astoria-Megler bridge between Oregon and Washington is very high.   I focused my fears through the camera on our way over.    It didn't produce very good pictures, but I made it across without a worry.

We were early for dinner so we drove a bit north on rt. 101 just past Longbeach and turned onto the wide sandy beach.

We both let out a breath that we didn't know we were holding.   It has been a long time since we've been at the ocean, we've missed it.

We drove a while and walked a while.   There were a few fishermen in the surf and a couple horses enjoying a good gallop on the soft, but firm footing.

We watched the fishermen for a bit then headed back to the State Park and our friends.

Polly was happy to see us again, although I'm sure she was really looking for her buddy Lewis.    She started down the motorhome's stairs, something she shouldn't be doing on her own post surgery, so Paul scooped her up in his arms.   She managed to give us her patented french kiss greeting from her perch and then posed for an awkward picture.

Before Nina could get out the door, Taggart shot down the stairs so she picked him up and posed for a family portrait.    I apologize for the poor quality of the photographs.    We were so happy to see our friends I didn't take the proper time with the camera.

After corralling the animals, we went inside and enjoyed happy hour drinks.

Botanical Brandy is another name for a small batch boutique gin that satisfies legal requirements in  Paso Robles, California.      It was excellent and hit the spot, whatever you choose to call it.

We enjoyed catching up with each other's lives since November while Paul's Cuban meal simmered on the stove.    Nina put together a yummy salad and we sat down to a Cuban extravaganza of Picadillo and an exceptional flan.   Top it all off with a touch of Re:Find Limoncello and we were all quite mello.

We chatted a while after dinner before setting off for home with promises to see each other this next week.

It was a good day.


  1. Now I'm jealous, you have seen the ocean and the beach! And enjoyed Cubanfood prepared by good friends! It does not get any better than that.

  2. What a sweet and healing day—time at the beach and time with good friends. I made picadillo for dinner a couple of nights ago—it's so yummy! (But I didn't make flan—wish I had some of that, too.)

  3. The bald eagle was beautiful! How nice that it sat for photos:) Glad it was able to fly off on its own. Lucky you to see those magnificent elk!!! Their antlers are so beautiful:) Ahhhh, the ocean...mmmm:) I can almost hear the waves. The new Jeep looks so cool on the beach. Hope you are still enjoying it:) Thanks for sharing photos of Paul and Nina and the furry children:) How nice to get to spend an evening in the comfort of their home instead of a restaurant. Sounded like the perfect get together:)

  4. I did not like that Astoria-Megler bridge at all! They make me so nervous.

    Great photo of the eagle and bachelor duo.

  5. How perfect to be at the ocean this week. Love the elk - so majestic!! Great to see both Polly and Taggert looking good - it's a great pic of the darling family :-) Stunning sunset.