Monday, June 6, 2016

The weekend

Usually we stick close to home on the weekends and this weekend was no different.    Saturday and Sunday were extraordinarily hot, in the 100's, and gave us just another reason to stay inside Beluga with the air conditioning droning on.  There were a number of tenters in the park over the weekend, I can't imagine sleeping in a tent when the night time temps. didn't drop below 80.   Some intrepid campers still sat around campfires.

Saturday Dave called in Mr. David's A-1 Black Hat Motorhome Maintenance Group, LLC to service our hot water heater while we were staying in one place for a bit.

We enjoyed the good humor of the technician he sent.   Always a smile.

He showed us that it was a good that we called because the hot water heater had quite a bit of "gunk" buildup - that's a professional term for scale or sediment.

We prevailed upon him to clean up our little jeep while he was here.  John....he used the same towels that you do!

Lewis really wanted to meet the worker and, of course, help him....but he had to satisfy himself by sitting in the window and watching.

Today we had a different sort of hot weather experience.  I'll tell you more about it tomorrow.    Here is a picture to give you a little taste of our day.....


  1. Geez, it's been hotter up there than here in San Diego. What is it with campfires no matter the temperature?????

  2. I really need to get Mr David's card(s) next time I see you :-) After only seeing temps above 80 twice last summer, I'm afraid this year we aren't going to fair as well. That heat wave is bound to hit us eventually :-( At least the last photo looks like you found a cool spot!!

  3. The heat needs to move on real soon!! We've only been in the 70's/low80's, but today we are suppose to hit 88 and then three days in the 90's!! I don't do heat well, as you know:) Guess we'll be heading to the mountains! Don't melt with your 100's. My poor black furry friends!

    I like the black hat on the serviceman from Mr. David's. Good they sent the guy with a good sense of humor:) And one that enjoys the heat! Poor Lew...he just wanted to help:)

  4. You have such good luck finding excellent service technicians/dog groomers/RV washing services, etc. on the road. :-)