Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sunny Sunday

Finally, we were able to have second cup outside.   It was sunny and windy, but relatively warm so we set our chairs in front of Beluga and out of the wind.   Lewis played with his ball and we discussed our plans for the day.    Nothing too exciting, we're still not feeling all there.

Perhaps a quick lunch at our favorite "restaurant", the Bowpicker?    Oh yes.

I put restaurant in " because it isn't really a restaurant in the sense that it has no seating, and sells only one thing, in two sizes.  Albacore tuna fish and chips, 5 pieces or 3 pieces.   When its your turn you walk up to the boat (on a trailer in a parking lot), place your order, move down the line and pick it up.  If you want something to drink you rummage around in a red cooler set under a tree by the side of the street.  They are open as long as they have fish and no matter what time you arrive, there is always a line waiting.

can you see me patiently waiting?

The line wasn't too big this time, but I'd wait as long as it takes to get this delicacy.

the 3 piece order (minus 1)

The "restaurant" is manned by three of the most cheerful women I've ever met.  It is neat and clean and the fish is perfect every time.    We sit in the car and watch the river while we eat.    Nom nom nom.

Bellies full we decided to check out the Sunday Market.   I've learned that calling a market, Sunday Market, or Saturday Market instead of Farmer's Market usually means there are more crafts, soaps, honey and other things than actual produce and that was true today.  

Lots of interesting things, beautiful flowers, etc., but not much produce.   We bought some English peas, radishes, green beans, cookies, and a beautiful bouquet of flowers chock full of fragrant peonies.

Oh Dave

sweet little tutus

A very friendly duck -
pigeon toed.....or duck toed?

an over full goat at the goat cheese booth

the young man in red is making my bouquet 

Later we drove along the river to the Port of Astoria to see (and hear) the area's infamous Sea Lions.

We knew we were in the right area when we got out of the Jeep and could barely hear each other talk!    The Sea Lion's barking and honking was deafening.

This huge guy was swimming in past the fishing boats, heading for the crowded docks.    He was announcing his arrival loudly.

Evidently, the folks at the Port and the local fishermen feel these creatures are an expensive annoyance and have tried many things to chase them away.

I wonder what they're looking at?

The approximately 25,000 Sea Lions are back to eat the migrating salmon and that evidently threatens the fishing economy in the area.    Awwww.

People have tried to frighten them by placing a floating Orca whale in the port, but it sunk.

#5 is sleeping soundly

Plastic fencing, streamers, beach balls and air dancers have all failed to keep them away.

2x4's can make lovely pillows

They are completely and totally oblivious to the efforts and continue to lounge and sleep and scratch and bark and bellow all over the Port's docks.   Good for them.

a study in brown


  1. Lunch looks yummy and well worth the wait!
    The Sunday Market looks and sounds a lot like Little Italy market in San Diego. I enjoy going just for the colors and smells! City Market had peonies for $8 a bunch...guess who bought some!

    The sea lions are adorable...

  2. We must not miss the Bowpicker next time we are there. And you need to try the Pear Pizza at Baked Alaska on the waterfront, unless you don't like pears :-) Love the old theater - it is such a pretty town. Duck and goat, too cute. Hope they can figure out a solution for the sea lions where everybody wins. They crack me up with their loud voices and sweet faces :-))))

  3. One day we, too, will enjoy the delicious looking fish and chips:) The "market" looks nice. I do enjoy looking at the honey, cheese, oils, vinegars, etc. Buffalo's first Farmers Market is Wed. I am hoping for some spring greens. I realize the seals are a pain but they are SO cute:) Love your photos of the beauties:)

  4. I was quite taken with the duck...and all those sleeping sea lions.

  5. I've never seen a duck on a leash! I think the duck should have one of those purple tutus to go with the purple halter. I agree with Jodee about the sea lions—hope they come up with a solution where everyone wins. They are so much fun to watch.

  6. Oh yeah, yum yum! Albacore tuna makes the best fish and chips .
    I would say just leave them alone, noisy or not, for they are adorable and cute.
    Beautiful capture of Astoria, a city I would like to revisit.