Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Wine country pictures

This morning we moved from McMinnville to Florence, Oregon.   We took rt. 101 south along the coast for about 120 miles.   It was a difficult drive for Dave.   The road is very twisty and narrow in spots and to make it even better paving was just being done, there were no lane lines and the "abrupt edge" on the warning signs was accurate.....the shoulder was about 8 inches below the road surface.    In between the busy tourist areas of Lincoln City and Newport the route twisted  up and down the coastal range with sharp drop offs down to the crashing, rocky ocean.    Not so many miles, but the ones we (he) drove were tough.

Tonight we're in a wonderful, private, wooded site at the Elks Lodge just a few miles north of Florence.   Its perfect and very quiet and the price is right.   It was a pleasant 65 degrees and brilliantly sunny when we arrived.....I'm so glad we weren't here yesterday!

You gotta love the weather forecaster.....

  Cable TV gives us 2 channels and cell service and our internet connection are pretty bad  but we're very close to the park's Wifi so lets see how well it works.....
Here are the pictures I couldn't show you yesterday....

the outdoor tasting patio at Sokol Blosser

part of the indoor tasting room at SB Winery

the wonderful "tastemaster" at Torii Mor Winery

entrance to White Rose Winery

the wild, windowless tasting room at White Rose

Oh, and Lewis wants you to know he LOVES it here.   He doesn't have to be on a leash when we're all outside and there is plenty of space behind Beluga to play with his "fish"......


  1. So all the natural wood at the SB Winery!

    Lucky Lewis! Have fun....

  2. Those kinds of drives are exhausting no matter how short they are. You're in our favorite little town on the Oregon Coast - the people are so friendly, the little downtown is lovely. Love all the winery pics - the woodwork and the natural landscaping are really peaceful. Cute rock hens :-) Glad Lewis has a play area just for him!! Also glad you missed the extreme weather of the previous day.......

  3. Oh yeah, there are some scary drives along the coast (and to the coast!) in Oregon and California. Glad you were able to upload the winery pics—visiting when the lavender is in bloom seems like the perfect time to be there. Lewis is such a riot playing in his new backyard. (What's up with those crazy temps? So funny!)

  4. Lew knows how to enjoy good spots! Lovely shots from the wine country and I know that 101 route you took it is tough in just a truck so I am sure it was miserable in B!

  5. Wow...wineries all have such beautiful and inviting venues. Lovely.

  6. I so would have been in the back for that ride! I handle those tight roads like you handle the steep drop offs. Glad you arrived safely:)

    Boy, some of the wineries really went all out for their patios. The woodwork is gorgeous. Just walking around outside would be fun. Someday we will have to go vineyard hopping together so I can tour and you can tour and drink:)

    How nice for Lewis to be able to be free for awhile:) He looks so cute with his fish:)