Thursday, June 16, 2016

Wednesday and Thursday

Lunch out, two days in a row - wahoo!    Yesterday we went to Buoy Beer on the wharf at the foot of 8th street.    We heard the beer and food were pretty decent and they had a clear plexiglass floor, the better to watch the sea lions below!

It would have been great to watch the sea lions through the glass floor, but there were none that day, sigh.     Ah well, the food was delicious - bourbon glazed wild salmon and pan sauteed Petrale sole - beer was decent (I'm not a connoisseur), wait staff pleasant and the views through the huge windows was phenomenal.

After lunch we strolled along the waterfront, dodging the trolley tracks heading for Frites and Scoop, a Belgian frites and small batch ice cream shop (don't ask me, I have no idea how these two things go together, I just know the ice cream is DIVINE).    Along the way there are a number of nice placards telling us about the waterfront's history and people.

Lots of interesting things to see, if you like things having to do with water, and we do.

Closed!   The Frites and Scoop was CLOSED!   My mouth was watering the entire walk for a scoop of Espresso/Cardamom or Bob or Calabrian Chili Chocolate or Lemon Lavender, or Licorice or Pretzel Crunch, or Dirty Vanilla or Spiked Egg Nog or Bourbon Butterscotch or Pretzel Stout or Blackberry Cobbler or or or or......   Ah well, a diet day then.

We continued our walk along the water, sans ice cream.

The lightship Columbia was declared a National Historic Landmark and is permanently
moored, along with the automated navigational buoy that replaced it in 1979.

It guided vessels across the treacherous Columbia River Bar, staying out for
four weeks at a time.

USCGC Steadfast

cocaine and marijuana seizures at sea are cataloged on its side

Buoy Beer is the last square yellow warehouse on the extreme right

We were home early enough to play a little ball (inside and out) with the Lewis before a light supper.

Today, Thursday, we met Paul at Fort George Brewery for lunch before returning to Lewis and Clark RV and Golf Resort.

a little beer was consumed

The boys

a little golf was played

and watched......


  1. What??? No ice cream....totally unacceptable. I will avoid that state in my travels But those delicious sounding names!
    Last two photos and captions were my all time favorite.

  2. Those flavors sound amazing! I guess you'll have to go back...

  3. Too bad there weren't any sea lions:( But what a neat idea. Beautiful views through the windows, though. Looked like a great stroll along the water. I'm sure the ice cream would have made it even better:) Those names of the ice cream had me drooling...pretzel stout!? I'll take a double:) Nice that you had lunch with Paul and then for the boys to get some golf in...perfect! Love all the Lewis photos:) Especially watching the guy on the golf course...too cute:)

  4. Lewis is such a happy dog!
    You don't leave Astoria until you get that ice cream but if you are headed to Tillamook please have some for me, there. I think their ice cream is wroth screaming for.

  5. Enforced dieting is just not right! Love seeing where the huge ships have come from - and have never seen the seizure score on the side like that :-) I think Elliott's hotel gets it. Fabulous photo of the greens, and large corks "bobbing" in the water. So glad Paul and Dave could get together for a day of play - and that they had proper supervision :-)

  6. Been enjoying your blogs and bookmarking places for us to check out. We also have a jeep and will be hitting the road in a few months. Loved the post with Lewis sitting on you as you put the side rails on the jeep. Hope you are enjoying your jeep. We certainly enjoy ours and cant wait to go off road out west. Wanted to bookmark this place and I am double checking that this is in Oregon and not Washington? Thanks for sharing and hope to meet you on the road one day and possible go jeeping.