Thursday, June 23, 2016

the coast, again....

One day, I've lost track of which day is which, we drove from McMinnville to the coast.    Its hard for us to be within an hour of the beach and not go there.

We got on rt. 18 right outside of our campground and drove it directly west to the ocean, just north of Lincoln City.

The coast there isn't as accessible as it is near Astoria but we were looking for a spot to drive on the beach to have our lunch.

We found beach access at one spot but the dune looked very high and the sand very deep.    Dave walked up the hill of sand to see what was on the other side before taking the jeep up and it didn't look very promising.   Besides, there was a big pick up truck stuck to the floor boards in the sand just over the crest.    We decided to look elsewhere.

We continued north, past Pacific City, toward Cape Kiwanda.    Bingo! We found a very easy drive through to a wide beach.   There were plenty of people there, flying kites, surfing and hiking to the top of a tall sand dune that seemed to rise up from the waves but we found plenty of space to ourselves.

our lunch view of Haystack Rock

We shared a good lunch while watching the "others" play.    After sandwiches and apples were consumed we walked in the surf looking for unbroken sand dollars.

a lone surfer waits for a wave

a Dory boat preparing to slide into the sand with the day's catch

can you see the little ants, sorry, I mean can you see the people
climbing up this gigantic dune?

It was warm in the sun, but a strong wind kept the temperatures in the "very chilly"  so we got back in the Jeep and continued on along the coast toward Cape Lookout.    There was some debate as to just how far we'd go before turning around and making the trip back but I wanted to see "just a little further" so we did.

We climbed up and up, then wound down and down to arrive at a viewpoint at Cape Lookout.

We could see the distant Three Arch Rocks off the coast near Tillamook.

We spied a campground at the State Park below and drove down to check it out.
Decision?   Wonderful beach access but too crowded with tents and waaaay too many mosquitoes...check that one off the list.

All in all we put more 150 miles on the Jeep before we arrived home just in time for happy hour.    Lewis was happy to see us.    He felt sure we could play ball and enjoy our gin and tonics at the same time.   We indulged him.


  1. Great trip!! I really want to see all those rocks in the ocean. Love the arch rocks!! I was wondering if Lew got to go to the beach. Guess the ride was too long...poor guy. Glad you indulged him during HH:) Sweet boy:)

  2. Have you seen Haystack rock at low tide? It is so beautiful to walkway out very very close to it and see all the birds on the rock. That is such a lovely area.

  3. Cape Lookout also doesn't have very many RV spots and I think maybe 2 with hookups and none that are easily accessible. I stayed there last year with the trailer - when it rained my spot was a lake and none of them were near level (and I'm narrow). Good one to check off as a NOT! That dune is huge and I sure would not have enjoyed hiking UP it! LOL

  4. So glad you got to the beach! If you love beaches with amazing rock formations (we do!!), you are going to be in heaven with the beaches in central and southern Oregon. Glad you didn't attempt to follow where the pickup truck went.....

  5. Nice to have a truck check the "trail" first :-) The beach is definitely the place to be right now - lucky you!! Beautiful pics of the coast line - I'd want to keep going around another corner too. Lewis is so patient with his humans :-)

  6. Your pictures made Steve exclaimed, wished we are there now, we missed the Oregon Coast. Lincoln was our home base while visiting the Evergreen Air Museum and Tillamook Cheese Factory. There is also another Air Museum nearby called Tillamook Air Museum housed in a rare World War II Blimp Hangar?