Sunday, June 21, 2015

a good Father's Day for Dave

This RV park offers a free continental breakfast each morning, so today we enjoyed some of their tasty little morsels with our second cup.   By the time we got out chairs situated in the shade of big Beluga it was in the high 80's on its way to over 100 degrees.   The wonderful thing about this dry desert air is that if you can find shade and don't exert yourself,  even 100 degrees is tolerable, almost pleasant.    Lewis exerted himself kicking his ball back and forth in the stones then coming back to his bed in the shade.    Sasha dozed on the soft bed Dave always lays down for her.    He's a good dad.

Around 11 we took Central Avenue into Old Town Albuquerque, parked and walked onto the Plaza.   We were heading for a special Father's Day lunch/brunch at a favorite French (I know, French food in Albuquerque seems wrong somehow) restaurant snugged away down a pretty little alley in Old Town.

As we approached the Plaza we started to hear voices and music.   We rounded the corner and came upon a small car show in progress and the Plaza full of families eating ice cream, looking at the fantastic cars, and some were even dancing to a small band playing in the center gazebo.    A regular slice of Americana.

Dave was a happy man, a wonderful lunch to look forward to, a sunny hot day and dozens of meticulously restored antique cars with a little twist...lots of them were on low rider chassis.

After thoroughly checking all the cars out, we continued our stroll towards La Crepe Michel, enjoying the scenery and the beautiful day.

The restaurant is tiny and was crowded on this special day, but we enjoyed cool glasses of white wine and a delicious lunch in the sun dappled dining room.

Later in the day, when the temperature dropped a bit Dave washed a very dirty Beluga (John, we had to drive in the rain....) and jeep, a job he very much enjoys.

   It was such a beautiful evening we stayed outside til the sun set.


  1. I remember really enjoying the Old Town section of Albuquerque when we were there on a motorcycle trip. I look forward to returning to NM to revisit all these great towns in the MH. Meantime, I'll revisit with you four:) Sounds like a perfect Father's Day with a yummy meal (I hope Jesse misses that food photo!). We were commenting yesterday that the nice part of the west is that you can get cool in the shade because there isn't any humidity. We have a nice spot here all alone with afternoon shade but can't sit outside with 90+ degrees and a dewpoint at 72!! I've done well with my far! Sometimes one has to drive in the rain, even John!! But, boy, the vehicles do get so dirty. Glad Dave was able to wash them.

  2. I got to Abq for the first time last August. I really enjoyed it. Loved the Old Town and the botanical gardens and zoo were a favorite. The best place to hike was up at Tent Rocks - if you've not been definitely go but EARLY as it gets hot and busy.

  3. Sue,

    Your pics are so beautiful! They remind me of Chiapas, MX.