Monday, June 22, 2015

Not too bright

We're just not too bright.

 After a delicious New Mexican lunch we set off for the Albuquerque Bio Park and its wonderful Zoo.   I had been there before with a friend while Dave and her husband went flying or golfing, but he hadn't seen it.  

pay no attention to the youngster twerking in the background

We were lucky enough to find a great parking spot under the shade of some tall trees and when we entered the zoo we were happily surprised at how empty it seemed.    No bus loads of school children, no crowds at the habitats.

extreme heat makes everyone crabby

We practically had the entire place to ourselves!   How could we be so lucky?
Not many animals doing anything interesting, however.    Most were sleeping, or floating very still in their water features.

No big cats lying in the windows, no polar bears frolicking in the water, no birds flying through their enclosures.

even a white fur ruff can't make this lady beautiful

The only creature moving at all was this year old howler monkey swinging around and through the trees, crashing into the bamboo, pestering her mother and new sibling, acting just like any other adolescent.    This is the best picture I could get of her, she was a little hurricane!

Finally Mom and newborn gave up and retreated to a more secure place.   The teenager stayed at the fence to entertain the humans solo.

I hope she doesn't find us in here.....

We continued walking through the park toward the big cats.   They were all sleeping soundly in the shade.

The animals were the smart ones.  They were resting in the deep shade.    We realized that we were a few of the only ones (think - fools) walking around because it was 109 degrees!    We're not too bright.

We didn't stay to see the great Apes, the giraffe's, etc., etc.   We used our map to find the shortest route back to the car and we barely made it.   We were so hot we weren't even sweating.    As I said before..... not too bright.


  1. I did see the extremely high temps out your way. We only got to 95 in OKC with that darn high, high dew point. Luckily, we had winds in the high 20's so it helped make everything more tolerable. But we didn't get to ride our bikes. John said, "This boy doesn't ride with 95 degrees and 25 mph winds." So we autohiked around OKC. At least did see some of the animals and I love the flamigo photos!!

  2. Yikes that's hot! But still, a virtually empty zoo is a thing of joy!

  3. Holy cow no wonder you had the place to yourself - me I'd have been over in the gardens by a fountain! LOL Still nice that it was quiet!

  4. That's definitely hot to be walking on any paved surface! I think they close the Living Desert park in Palm Desert if it hits 110 degrees :-) Looks like the gators had the right idea.