Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Monday's pictures

Google gods must be happy tonight, they are letting me post pictures, so here are some that were missing from Monday's blog post.

Garden of the Gods valley view

see the tiny climber?
he's ignoring the thunder and lightning

an end view of the same "thrill seeker"
 climbing with thunder and lightning all around.
The next pictures are from Rainbow Falls.   Lots of controversy surrounding this site.    Some people love the colorful graffiti, some people think the area should be returned to its natural beauty.    I wonder who will win?

the falls is under the route 24 bridge ahead

an artist getting into position
I actually didn't mind the "artwork",
what do you think?

This morning, after a late breakfast of huevos rancheros, I almost made an embarrassing mistake......I didn't read the sign carefully and almost went inside to buy see if they had any fresh, organic tomatoes!   Looked like a farm market to me......

I'll tell you about the rest of our day tomorrow.   I'm tired, didn't get a good night's sleep.   Flash flood warnings for our county and the creek running through our campground.   It rained heavily from late afternoon through most of the night.     The owner's of the campground said they'd knock on everyone's doors if we needed to evacuate.....not conducive to a restful sleep.    I kept repeating (to myself), checkbook, medications, jewelry, dog stuff, keys.....checkbook, medications, jewelry, dog stuff, keys.....checkbook, medications, jewelry, dog stuff, keys..... I didn't want to forget anything if that knock came in the middle of the night.      The creek behaved and the day dawned blue and sunny.   Nightie Night.


  1. Yup we had heavy rain as well and there were flash flood in some areas. Luckily we were in high grounds.
    I love those colorful graffiti, it complemented the name of the falls or was it name as such due to the colorful art.
    We did not make it there but it looked beautiful.
    Ha ha sun grown MJ, what would they do next?

  2. Glad to hear you're ok...miserable rains and flash flooding all around.

  3. Haha - maybe you should have gone in - the days might have "seemed" to go better! LOL Love the photos though and so glad you shared them with us!

  4. Those climbers are nuts on a good weather day. I can't imagine climbing with storms around. We enjoyed watching them climb and rappel down. Garden of the Gods is so pretty.

    The weather through the Colorado Springs area has been terrible by the looks of the radar. I don't believe I would have slept either with a stream running through the park and more water coming down! Our Bear Creek was much higher yesterday when we walked to the Starbucks. Between rain and snow melt the water run deep!

    I really like the "art work" except for the scribble on a few beams in the last photo. I love the nicely thoughtout paintings. I've always enjoyed watching trains pass with the graffiti on the cars. Boy, some of the graffiti artist are so talented. The colros add to the Rainbow Falls name:)

    Too funny with misreading the sign! You really do have to be careful in Colorado. Although it might have been a plesant experience. Bet you would have slept better:)