Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Santa Fe Skies

Yesterday we enjoyed the short drive north from Albuquerque to Santa Fe, 75 miles in one day is much better than 300 miles - we need to keep that in mind.

It allowed us to enjoy a leisurely second cup before breaking camp and then arrive at our destination early in the afternoon.

We're at Santa Fe Skies RV Park just a little south of Santa Fe proper so we're out in the desert surrounded by mountains and lots of trails to walk the dogs.    Its very quiet and, although our site is at a rather unusual angle, we're happy with its privacy.

Beluga snuggles into our new site

Since we're here for about 9 days we took the time to just hang around the campground and get settled in.   Sometimes its real nice to not hit the ground running.

After lunch today we drove into the historic section of the city, parked and walked around enjoying the lovely day and interesting scenery.


  1. Short drives are wonderful! Our drive today is only 78 miles. Sounds like a nice park. Keep us posted on how it goes. One day we need to revisit New Mexico with the MH and spend some time really seeing these areas again. The dogs (Lewis) will enjoy the privacy and walking paths:) Have a great time!

  2. I am so enjoying our short travel days and when making the necessary reservations along the Oregon coast I added a couple three day stops to continue the trend. Although it was looking a little sad the last time we were there, Santa Fe is one of my favorite cities. I always say when I win the lottery I'm redoing my wardrobe from the shops in the plaza! Enjoy the sweet privacy :-)