Monday, June 15, 2015

Colorful Monday

I'd love to show you why I call this post Colorful Monday, but alas, our molasses slow internet won't allow me to load any pictures.

The day started out sunny and coolish, but warm enough to enjoy second cup outside in the sun.   After lunch we drove the few miles into Garden of Gods Park, a National Natural Landmark near Colorado Springs, Colorado.   The views are stunning, I took quite a few pictures.   We hiked (walked, really) among some of the massive red rock formations, but unfortunately didn't get too far from the jeep because lightning was flashing and thunder reverberating off the mountains.    We'll be back, I'm certain.

Since it was raining we decided not to bother with any of the other outdoor wonders here and just drove into Manitou Springs to see what there was to see.
Its a neat little town that reminds us muchly of Bisbee, Az.  The main drag is a bit touristy, lined with art galleries, mural sided shops and restaurants along with many outdoor spigots to sample the various natural soda springs that made this town famous as a health retreat. Quaint, colorful homes march down side streets and hang in the surrounding hillsides, looking down at the busy downtown.    Some of the homes are large and beautiful, most are an eclectic and very interesting mix of old and new.   Flowers everywhere on narrow and winding often dead end streets.

At one such dead end street we found ourselves in a small, very muddy parking area leading to what the faded sign said was Rainbow Falls.     Another sign warned that security cameras were in use, another reminded us that graffiti was a crime......Hmmmmm how could we NOT follow this path?     Again, sorry but I can't show you any pictures.

Maybe Wednesday we'll have better internet.


  1. Nice to have you on the road again...even without pictures! We're waiting for more severe
    Thunderstorms and rains.

  2. It is a shame we are so beholden to the Internet! Fortunately I have been to these places (except for Rainbow Falls) and can picture them in my minds eye!

  3. Great description, I can see it pretty well without the photos :-) Their "Chamber of Commerce" could use some pointers on how to describe their trails.........maybe a summer job in your future? Hoping our Internet is stronger in Bodega Bay this afternoon!

  4. Still it sounds like it was a lovely lovely day!!!!