Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 1

Yesterday was a very good day.   It was Dave's birthday and I'm so happy he was born those blank blank years ago.  

Jesse planned a golf day for the two of them in Evergreen.   He picked Dave up around 8:30 so I could have our jeep for the day.


I decided to do a bit of clothes shopping.   A very unpleasant task and I came home empty handed.    Pam and John and MonaLiza and Steve were having a post-hike lunch at the bar next door to Dakota Ridge, so I stopped by for a quick visit before they were finished.  A few laughs with friends lifted my spirits post haste.

Meanwhile, the boys were having a challenging round of golf at the soggy Evergreen Golf Club.    They were walking and the grass was long and deep and wet, the ball didn't go far, they covered a lot of ground.   They both had a great time together, but I think they felt it later.  

The gallery only watched the play at one hole before disappearing, very rude...

Dave returned home with a big grin on his face, he hasn't been able to play golf since last June at our home course, with John and Pam.  He hopes this was the first of many rounds this year!

After a brief nap, we met Jesse for dinner at Brasserie Ten Ten in Boulder.  Erin was out of town so it was just the three of us.     Thanks Jess, it couldn't have been a nicer day.


  1. Lots of smiles going on there! So glad Dave had a special day golfing with Jesse:)

  2. t must have been a challenging round with wet and long grass. Probably a couple of soggy guys afterwards...but the big grintells the story!

    Happy birthday Dave!

  3. Happy belated Birthday to Dave!