Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Busy Monday

We were to meet John and Pam at the Broken Tee Golf Course late Monday morning, so Dave felt he needed to do some serious stretching before playing 18 holes.   He usually does some stretching each day but since we've been helping Jesse tote some heavy totes from one place to another for a number of days, he really needed to limber up.

Lewis hasn't been doing much of anything lately so he decided to join the exercise session, you know, to limber up a bit for his long day of sleeping on the bed.

Monday was a picture perfect day.  The Broken Tee course was just around the corner from the Wright's campground.   We could see downtown Denver in the distance.   A bike path and the South Platt River split the course down the middle.

John brought along his favorite caddy.    She is dependable, knowledgeable, and doesn't complain about following the players at a respectable distance.

There seemed to be plenty of players on the course, but we rarely felt pushed to speed up.  

The South Platt River has over run its banks, creating new water hazards. Here  Dave and John discuss the best way to overcome these new handicaps.  

It was a challenging course, but we all enjoyed ourselves.   Afterward we went to Panera Bread Co. for a quick bite to eat before going our separate ways.
Dave and I went home, picked up the dogs and headed into Denver to help Jesse and Erin unpack some of the totes that had accumulated.
Can't I come in?
Lew and Sasha enjoyed rambling around in the fenced backyard, but Lewis really wanted to come inside and help.

We had Thai take-out and got most of those totes emptied and the kitchen fairly organized.

a private conversation between brothers.....

Monday was a busy day.   Tuesday was a busy day too.    Jesse had a U-haul truck scheduled to move the rest of the big items so we filled it, drove into Denver, emptied it and called it a day.    

It was pretty hot yesterday and the sky was filled with beautiful clouds.

Dave quietly reminded me that this type of cloud formation, however beautiful, portend precipitation.    Grrrr.....he's always right.     We were almost home when the rain came.  

At least it gave us a beautiful rainbow.

a faint double

Today, Wednesday, we stayed home and took care of some business, paid bills, bought tickets to Bandemere  Speedway's Mopar Mile High Nationals in July, sent a deposit for our wedding rental house, did laundry and just rested.    I've managed to take possession of Dave's cold so a nap was on my schedule.        As I sit here typing this blog, thunder is rumbling outside and the temperature has dropped considerably - here we go again!


  1. That Lewis is such a character!

    I love the look of Jesse and Erin's kitchen/dining area!

    I am just amazed at how long the weather is staying wet. Even in South Dakota, where we head next. The Badlands are going to be green!

  2. A Lewis blog!! Yes! That first photo of Lew with his head down and butt up is too cute. What a guy! I know exactly what he is saying to Jesse:)

    Jesse and Erin's new house looks so bright and cheery:) Moving is sooo much work! I'm sure Jesse appreciates the help.

    We saw those same clouds as we hiked up Deer Mountain!! Yes, they were followed by a storm and a few rainbows. And more rain here today, also. Enough!! Love your rainbow:)

  3. OMG, Lewis and Dave crack me up!! I'm sure with all that stretching Lewis fully expected to help at the new house. Love that stained glass panel and built-ins, such a cute place. You two are troopers to help move and unload totes. Storms outside and a cold of your own sounds like soup and nap time! Take care.

  4. Lewis is so cute on theta first photo! Parents do a lot of things for their kids, Jesse is so fortunate.
    I think it must be difficult to find a dependable and uncomplaining caddy! John is so fortunate :)

  5. Love how Lewis helps as any good spoo will do! Mine are always in the middle of everything as well. The kids house looks really nice and so glad you are there to help get them settled before the wedding but still taking time out to go do some fun stuff too!