Saturday, June 20, 2015


Its official.....we've become wimps.  

 Our drive today was about 300 miles and we're exhausted.    Not too long ago, pre retirement, we wouldn't have batted an eye at driving 300 miles in one day.     H ell, 300 miles and we would have just gotten started on a day's drive then.   No More.

So, before we both fall into bed I wanted to check in and say that we're settled at American RV Park in Albuquerque.   The woman checking us in is a dog trainer, moonlighting as camp host.   We got to talking about Lewis and his twin phobias, children and bikes -  I was politely asking for a site far away from the playground.   She suggested I try a few drops of lavender essence inside each ear flap and offered to bottle a small sample for me.    Why not?    I'll get it from her tomorrow and we'll see if it works.....if not, he'll smell divine.

guys, guys...where are we tonight?


  1. I guess we are super wimps then! We think 250 miles is way too far. We like 200 or less in one day.

    Can't wait to hear how Lewis does with the lavendar ears!!! But, like you said, he'll smell good:) I love that photo of the two at the door!!

    We have landed in Shawnee, Oklahoma which is east of Oklahoma City. We are staying at the fairgrounds and we are the only ones in the RV Park section. It is very nice with large pull thrus and FHU for $20 a night! We also have very good free WiFi!! What more can one want! Oh, Starbucks is only a couple miles away:)

  2. yep add us to the super wimps category too... there is an RV park across the highway from you that has vintage RV's for rent... worth a visit to check them out

  3. 300 miles is a long drive to us! We try to keep it under 200...I guess we are super wimps!

    Wouldn't it be lovely if something so simple as lavendar oil would mellow out your big guy? I remember Nina telling me about a product called Feliway that is a natural calming tincture...we never tried it on Rosie because she has slowly adapted to travel over time.

  4. Yep, used to make 500 miles without a second thought. Now, if it's over 200 miles I'm looking for a nice stop in between, and usually for at least two nights! It is lovely to not be in a hurry though :-) I'll be anxious to see if Lewis responds to the lavender. It usually takes a few times for herbals to have any impact. Tessa whines in the car so maybe I should give it a try as well.

  5. Try Bach Rescue Remedy for pets. It does not have any side effects or cause skin irritations.
    At Wegman's it can be found in the homeopathic section.
    We use it on Amber ( previously on Tebucky & Harley) during thunderstorms.
    My mom gives it to her cats just before taking them to the vet.