Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thursday in Santa Fe

We did nothing exciting today, but it was very pleasant nonetheless.   Out for a wonderful lunch at Harry's Roadhouse,  a very productive walk down Canyon Road (a tiny, and sometimes one way road lined with colorful art galleries) a side trip to check out Santa Fe's little airport.....I should have entitled this BCA so you'd know nothing educational or thrilling happened.

Here are a few of the things that caught my eye today....

second cup from Lewis's level

adobe makes the perfect background for flowers, don't you think?

Oh the colors...
Hard not to be in a happy mood around here!

Enormous bronze horse head
fabulous details - right down to the cups on the teeth!

cactus crowned entry door


  1. Lots of intricate designs and flowers! That is a horse head!! Wow! Love the cactus garden over the door:)

  2. I love walking Santa Fe neighborhoods! How can there be a "sometimes one way" street??? ;-)

  3. Wonderful pics, makes me feel like I was on the walk - and on the ground with Lewis is pretty too :-) Love the dog sculpture. Lisa beat me to it.....sometimes one way? Sounds daring. The colors are so wonderful in NM, you're right about them being happy.

  4. You can always count on Santa Fe to entertain. So many sights to see and yummy foods to devour.