Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday - BCA

Nothing much happening around Beluga today. Its a good thing.

 I slept in a bit this morning while Dave got up early and made a few phone calls.

It was a lovely day, 85 and sunny, ho hum....   We tried to do a  bit of on-line shopping, set up the bird spa, drove into Mesa to do a few errands  (Camping World's customer service leaves much to be desired - Grrrr) and ended up at AJ's to buy some fresh Ahi Tuna for the grill tonight.  Mmmmm


  1. But what about the dogs...did they get to do something special, chase something, smell something, act up in some special way????

    I bet Sasha took some needed naps! And Lewis was sitting by, close by, just in case somebody needed him for something (like Love, Attention, play Ball!)

    Good to set up the bird spa...just in time for Easter. They'll appreciate that!

    When you started this trip, did you think you'd be setting up a bird spa at every site????

  2. You two need a day now and again to just chill! Sounds like you did a great job of it.