Thursday, March 21, 2013


We had a delightful gilt free morning just sunning and reading.    Its taken us a long time to get over the feeling that we should be doing something, not just sitting and reading, but once we got over the hump.......what a luxurious feeling it was!  You should try it.

Dave and Lewis took a hike after lunch, while I prepped some dinner things and took care of some internet work.  He took the camera and got some nice pictures, so here they are....

come on Dad, just a few more steps to the top!

view of the campground and lake from above

Roper Lake
After they got home, we met our next door neighbors, from Alberta.  They have a huge, white (ish) Standard Poodle.  I say "ish" because he suffers from the same disease our lovely Sasha has - dirt bunny itis.  He is filthy!!!!!  Sweet, friendly and a dull gray.

We loaded our dogs into the jeep and went looking for Safford.  Found a Walmart, a nice Safeway and all the other normal big box stores.  We drove through the "historic downtown" area and saw an old west town that has seen better days.  Most of the store fronts were occupied, but there were lots of thrift shops, gun stores and mexican restaurants.    We did see a few nicer  homes, but, for the most part, the places were small, run down and very sad looking.   The biggest employers here are the Copper/Goldmine and the large federal prison.   Doesn't look like they pay their employees very well.

As we headed back to Beluga, we saw a sign for the city of Safford golf course, so we made a quick u turn and checked it out.   No tee times to bother with here and some beautiful views of Mt. Graham, so perhaps we'll give it a whirl tomorrow.

Mt. Graham as seen from the golf course

Hot dogs, macaroni salad, fresh veggies and a Redbox movie ends another exciting day in the life of the Bank family.


  1. It is hard when you are in a new town to just let yourself do nothing. We finally did that TWICE in a week...can you imagine, we didn't drive or walk anywhere!! What fun!

    Lewis did a great job posing for the photos. He's a natural.

  2. Lewis cracks me up just sitting there taking in the view.

  3.'s nice to see people appreciating the Beautiful model!! He did look posed in some of those overlooking the vista! Maybe you could do a knock-off of some Wm Wegman photos using Lewis!

  4. It took me almost 2 yrs of fulltiming, before I let myself enjoy the life of leisure. I struggled with worth and needing to accomplish something daily. I'm finally learning that it's ok for me to spend all day reading, enjoying our current RV site yard.